Apr 14 2020

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Joomla Hosting

A2’s Joomla Hosting. Fastest. Easiest. Most Reliable.

The Best Joomla Hosting Solution.

Each of our web hosting solutions are fine-tuned, blazing fast and are ready for you! Choose the high speed package tailored for your needs.

  • Key Features
    Key Features
    • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
    • Perpetual Security
    • 24/7/365 Phone, Live Chat & Email Support
    • Choice Of Data Center Location
    • Free Website Builder
    • Website Staging
    • Free CloudFlare CDN
    • 1-Click Software Setup
    • Speed Optimized SSD Storage
    • FutureServe Green Web Hosting
    • Key Features
      Key Features
      • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
      • Perpetual Security
      • 24/7/365 Phone, Live Chat & Email Support
      • Choice Of Data Center Location
      • Free Website Builder
      • Website Staging
      • Free CloudFlare CDN
      • 1-Click Software Setup
      • Speed Optimized SSD Storage
      • FutureServe Green Web Hosting
      Growth Features

      51% Off (Was €16.67 )

      • Key Features
        Key Features
        • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
        • Perpetual Security
        • 24/7/365 Phone, Live Chat & Email Support
        • Choice Of Data Center Location
        • Free Website Builder
        • Website Staging
        • Free CloudFlare CDN
        • 1-Click Software Setup
        • Speed Optimized SSD Storage
        • FutureServe Green Web Hosting
        Growth Features
        Turbo Features
        • Up To 20X Faster vs. Competing Hosts
        • Memcached, Turbo Cache & APC/Opcache
        • A2 Site Accelerator
        • More Resources Per User
        • Fewer Users Per Server
        • LiteMage (Magento Cache)
        • Enhanced Speed vs Apache
        • WordPress LiteSpeed Cache

        Best Joomla Host Service

        When you choose A2 Hosting, your Joomla site comes hosted on our high-performance SwiftServer platform. You can also choose our Turbo Servers for up to 20X faster page loads than competing Joomla hosts. Try us now for all your Joomla Hosting needs, completely risk-free thanks to our Anytime Money Back Guarantee!

        Fast Joomla Hosting Rich With Features!

        Just some of the ways we make your life easier.

        Your Joomla software comes pre-installed and A2 Optimized on your Shared Hosting account. Thanks to testing, testing and more testing by our team of experts, A2 Optimized ends the guesswork of how to get the fastest page loads for your Joomla software. A2 Optimized provides auto-configuration so you get the best performance and most secure settings. That way you can instead turn your focus to building your site, writing content and promotion.

        A mere 1-second page load delay impacts your bounce rate, SEO rankings and even your conversion rate. You won’t have to worry about any of this when you choose A2 Hosting and our screaming fast SwiftServer platform! Hosting on speed optimized servers with your choice of server location, free SSDs and our up to 20X faster Turbo Servers are all advantages of choosing A2 Hosting!

        Since our launch in 2003, we’ve had a strong focus on loading your account with the best versions of the most popular development software. Just some of the development software available in your account includes:

        An average of 30,000 sites are hacked each day globally. Our Perpetual Security measures help prevent you from becoming the next victim! That’s why your account include free HackScan Protection to help block hacks before they can do damage to your site. KernelCare rebootless kernel updates, brute force defense, a dual firewall and a number of other security features are already in place to help keep your site secure when you choose A2 Hosting. Our Reinforced distributed denial of service (DDoS) Protection even improves the likelihood your site will remain online during even the most sophisticated distributed denial of service attacks.

        Joomla Hosting – Experience The A2 Difference Today!

        Here are just a few of the Joomla Hosting benefits you’ll experience with us that make A2 Hosting the very best!

        Up To 20X Faster Servers

        Our exclusive Turbo Server option offers you the fastest hosting experience!

        Guru Crew Support

        Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is available 24/7/365 to help!

        Free Account Migration

        Our team can move your site to A2 Hosting for free in most cases!

        Anytime Money Back Guarantee

        Give our high speed hosting service a try completely risk free!

        99.9% Uptime Commitment

        A2 Hosting is the host you can depend on with ultra-reliable servers!

        Joomla Hosting – Industry Best Solutions

        Our goal isn’t to win awards. Our goal is to offer the best web host solutions that are both blazing fast and ultra-reliable. Even so, we’re still extremely proud of our team’s accomplishments! Since our launch in 2003, their hard work has helped us earn recognition and accolades as the top hosting provider in the industry.

        Joomla Hosting Reviews

        A2 Hosting’s goal is to offer Joomla Hosting with the best support, fastest speeds and most reliable servers. Here are some of our Joomla users who have enjoyed our service.

        “Ross B. – Advanced Support Specialist – Was great! He point me in the right direction to resolve my issue with all the Joomla Websites on my domain which all stop working on 1/1/2020. My hats off to you sir! Thank you!”

        “I was able to fix it – reinstalling Joomla

        “Excellent support on an issue that was really my fault for not keeping up with joomla and WordPress A2 Optimized plug in updates.”

        Fast server for my Joomla! Sites!”

        “A2 Hosting has become better, faster, stronger through the years! That’s why I decided to keep all my domains with A2 Hosting for the last five years. Kudos.”

        “A real pleasure to be in business with A2Hosting !”

        “Quick, courteous and very helpful response. My first contact with A2 support as new customer. I’m impressed. Thanks!”

        “Always A+ support. Always in a timely fashion. Always appreciated. Always A2! PT.”

        “So happy I moved my sites to A2 Hosting. Right from the off they were very responsive and that continues. Complete transfer from my old cPanel was handled swiftly and perfectly, any questions were answered quickly. Speed seems great. Wished I had found them before now. Sure I have found the perfect place for my sites for many years to come.”

        Extend Your Joomla Hosting Site At A2 Hosting!


        VirtueMart is the leading eCommerce solution for Joomla sites.


        An intuitive blog extension that integrates with your Joomla install.

        Use Joomla Content Creator to build and edit your Joomla site with ease.

        JD Builder

        Free Joomla drag-and-drop page builder.


        Powerful framework to build fast, responsive sites.

        Joomla Hosting FAQs

        Get answers to all of your Joomla Hosting questions here! If you have any additional questions that aren’t answered below, make sure to contact our expert support team!

        Why Choose A2 Hosting For My Joomla Hosting?

        From speed to support to dependability, A2 Hosting is the best place to host your Joomla site!

        Whether this is your first Joomla website you’ve run, or your thousandth, our cPanel control panel is going to make your life easy. Use cPanel to manage your files, sites, databases, email and more. cPanel’s graphic interface will feel familiar to you even if you’ve never used it before.

        Another reason to choose A2 Hosting is our expert Guru Crew support team! If you ever have questions about hosting Joomla, we’re here 24/7/365 to help. Just contact our knowledgeable and friendly team via live chat, phone or email.

        Of course, the main reason why you’re interested in hosting Joomla at A2 Hosting is probably our high performance SwiftServer platform. You can even choose our Turbo Servers for up to 20X FASTER page loads compared to competing Joomla Hosting providers.

        Ease-of-use, support and performance are all important, but so is being able to depend on your Joomla Host. Rest assured that you can depend on A2 Hosting! That’s because your Joomla site will be hosted on our ultra-reliable servers backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment.

        Best of all, you can try our Joomla Hosting completely risk-free with our Anytime Money Back Guarantee. You’re going to love it!

        How Do I Get Started Building My Joomla Site?

        Our Joomla Hosting service all starts with our easy setup. You get the option to have Joomla auto-installed on your account when you sign up. That means you don’t have to worry about downloading or uploading any files. Your Joomla install will just be ready and waiting for you as soon as you’re ready to begin building your site.

        There may be instances for why you may not want to have Joomla installed immediately on your account. If you sign up and want to use Joomla, you can use Softaculous instead. Found in your cPanel control panel, use Softaculous to install Joomla with 1-click. It’s extremely easy!

        Recent Joomla Hosting Blog Posts & Joomla News

        Joomla Hosting – Need A Different Solution?

        Don’t see a service that fits your specific hosting needs? Don’t worry, we have you covered! We offer a wide range of solutions bound to meet your requirements ranging from Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated and everything in between including Managed WordPress Hosting. Looking for a new domain name or SSL Certificate? We’ve got you covered there as well! Just click the button below to visit our Web Hosting comparison page. That’s where you’ll see a full breakdown of all of our high speed hosting services.

        Additional Joomla Hosting Software Alternatives & Options


        Drupal is a free software package allowing you to easily organize, manage and publish your content thanks to its limitless customization options. Choosing Drupal means you’re developing in a community backed by 1 million developer and users.


        b2evolution is a blog engine supporting multiple blogs, photo albums, community forums, online manuals and more. It’s optimized to be low maintenance with easy upgrades and anti-spam.


        Concrete5 provides the best of both worlds by focusing on both the developer and site owner needs. Concrete5 offers an in-context toolbar editor that makes it easy to make changes as you navigate the live version of your site.


        Most content management systems are designed to only be used by a few editors. Not Pligg CMS. It was designed to be used for a large number of contributors to make it submit and moderate content. Registered users and even visitors can be in control of your site’s content.


        Zikula is a CMS designed for use by sites of all sizes including personal, business and enterprise level sites. Zikula uses many of the best development solutions including Bootstrap, Symfony and jQuery.

        Recent Joomla Hosting Guides & Other Helpful Articles

        Best Joomla Hosting

        Joomla Web Hosting – The A2 Way

        While most shared hosts don’t allow caching solutions on their shared servers, we actually include our A2 Optimized 1-click caching setup solution on our Turbo Servers. Just click the A2 Optimized icon in your cPanel control panel to quickly setup APC, Turbo Cache and Memcached did for even faster page load speeds.

        Easy Joomla Hosting

        Sign up with our Joomla hosting service and you won’t only believe how fast your site loads, but how fast you’ll get your site up and running. Your account is activated instantly and comes pre-installed with Joomla. That means you don’t have to worry about download or setup files. Your Joomla CMS will just be sitting there just waiting for your template and content.

        You can also setup Joomla with 1-click with the Softaculous tool found in your cPanel control panel. Whether you decide to setup Joomla with 1-click or choose our pre-installed Joomla setup, you’ll be notified when a new version of Joomla is available. That way you can update Joomla with 1-click using Softaculous. That way you’ll have the newest version of Joomla for a more secure, higher performing website.

        Have any Joomla Host questions? Just ask our 24/7/365 Guru Crew support staff. They can tell you everything you could want to know including the fact your site will be hosted on our ultra-reliable servers backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment.

        When you’re in the market for a quality Joomla host, be sure to pick the one that’s done it well for more than ten years. Get started now completely risk free with our Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

        About Joomla

        What is Joomla?

        Joomla is among the most well-known content management systems available to personal users and businesses alike for free. The program is designed to be much more accessible than other CMS programs by providing a very intuitive management interface. This interface allows users to easily control all the functionality that the platform has to offer.

        In addition to this, many Joomla users have taken time to write up thousands of free extensions to improve Joomla functionality and also helps provide customization to meet your specific needs.

        Joomla is well-supported by a huge community willing to answer any questions newcomers may have about the CMS platform. Experienced members are always prepared to help out and have done so since the program was first released.

        Joomla Under The Hood

        Why is Joomla a superior CMS? In short, the program has a great framework running under the hood. There are three levels you can see within the platform:

        • Components: These help display the content of your website. It is the body of the site, which is generally found above the informative footer and below the navigation menu.
        • Modules: These help display additional content found in the headers, menus, footers, sidebars or elements that do not appear on every page of the website. Using the administrative panel, you can control all of the modules on your website so that people with specific permissions can make changes as needed, such as replacing a banner or image on the page.
        • Plugins: Also known as extensions, these permit people to further control their own content as needed. Ultimately, the result depends on what the plugin is meant to do, but it typically focuses on individual elements rather than the site as a whole. For example, it could compress a page before sending it to a browser or add a new stylesheet for theme use.

        Why Use Joomla CMS?

        What you may remember from WordPress as a “plugin,” Joomla users generally refer to as an “extension.” There are thousands of extensions available that can help customize your Joomla site to the meet your exact needs.

        In addition to this, the default templates you get are already quite appealing. By default, there are two templates to choose from: Protostar and Beez3, both of which use a blue and white color scheme for simple clarity. If you eventually grow tired of using one of the two default templates, extensions can greatly change the look, or you can download one of the hundreds of other templates available for free.

        Joomla is an excellent fit for any company that doesn’t have its own IT department. Because of its ease of use and functionality, it’s much easier for someone who isn’t a developer or a web expert to make a new website that has all the latest features.

        Mobile users also get a major upgrade to accessibility thanks to out of the box support. While the majority of open-source platforms rely on MySQL for all of its tasks, Joomla now also includes support for those who are more familiar with PostgreSQL. It can also provide support for 68 languages and more than 10,000 extensions at the tips of your fingers — both of which are quite impressive for anyone.

        Signing Up for Joomla Hosting

        Registering for an account with our hosting services allows you to immediately build your website with Joomla with ease. Whether you are already an experienced web developer who prefers the extended functionality that Joomla can offer or are a new beginner looking to get started with a new website without having to know too much technical code, this content management system makes it easy to get you started today.

        Want to check out other CMS options? A2 Hosting also specializes in WordPress, Drupal, and more!

        Buy web hosting

        Buy web hosting

        Buy web hosting

        20X FASTER Joomla Host With Turbo Servers! Buy the BEST Joomla Hosting w/ 24/7/365 Support & Ultra-Reliable Servers. Joomla Comes Pre-Installed!
        SOURCE: Buy web hosting https://www.a2hosting.com/joomla-hosting Buy web hosting

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