Apr 15 2020

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Cloud hosting comparison

Support Administration

SiteControl Included Custom/Billable
Resending SiteControl Login Details
Guiding users through SiteControl
Feature Errors
Slither Diagnostic Errors
Customer Information Management
OX App Suite Management
Changing Nameservers for Domains
CGI Scripts Included Custom/Billable
Basic Troubleshooting (check logs, syntax, interpreter path)
CGI File/Directory Permissions
Checking for Invalid Carriage Returns
Troubleshooting CGI Errors
SSL Included Custom/Billable
Generating CSR’s for use with any signing company
Purchasing certificate on behalf of the customer
Ordering of SSL certificates
Installation of SSL certificates
Troubleshooting SSL
PHP Included Custom/Billable
Customer specified php.ini changes
Installation of Repository Supported Modules
Basic Script Troubleshooting (check logs, syntax, permissions)
Installation of newer version of PHP via 3rd party repository
Custom PHP Compilations
Plesk* Included Custom/Billable
DNS Management
Troubleshooting FTP
Creating a FTP user
Setting up a site in Plesk
Managing and Troubleshooting Email in Plesk
Installation of Plesk
Plesk Upgrades
Plesk Migration Manager
Plesk Backup and Restores
Creating users and databases (though Plesk only)
Troubleshooting Firewall
Installation of Plesk Packages and Components
Plesk License Management
Escalation to Parallels
MySQL Databases Included Custom/Billable
Basic Add/Remove/Configuring of databases
Restore/Importing/Migrating of databases
Granting Privileges
Repairing Tables
Troubleshooting Connection Errors
Basic customer-specified changes to my.cnf
MS-SQL Databases Included Custom/Billable
Basic Add/Remove/Configuration of databases
Truncating Logs
User Permission Issues
Troubleshooting Connection Errors
FTP* Included Custom/Billable
User and password reset for default authentication mechanisms
Troubleshooting Connection Errors
Passive FTP Configuration and Firewall Rules
Add/Remove FTP Users*
DNS Included Custom/Billable
Managing Zones/Records*
Removing Zones/Records*
Moving Zones between Accounts/Products*
Linux Included Custom/Billable
Basic User Management (passwords, subdirectories, etc)
Manual Advanced User Management (User-name, Quota, etc)
Troubleshooting Disk Space Issues
Troubleshooting Memory or Load Issues
Troubleshooting Programs provided by Support OS repositories
Troubleshooting System Log File
Installation of Third Party Software
Installation of Packages already Supported by the OS
Crontab Jobs
Symbolic Links
Copying/Moving Data
Iptables Rules
Package Upgrades (provided by supported OS reposities)
Software RAID Management
Custom kernel/modules
Customer specified sysctl settings
System Log File Rotation
Apache Included Custom/Billable
Troubleshooting Apache Startup Errors
Restart Service
DocumentRoot Paths
ServerAlias Configuration
Apache Extended Server Status
Log Paths
(Re)creating Document Root Folder
Troubleshooting HTTP Error Codes (404, 500)
Setting up sites manually in Apache*
Setting up SSL certificates in Apache*
Adjusting MaxClients settings
htaccess authentication
cPanel Included Custom/Billable
Apache Rebuild via WHM
PHP Rebuild via WHM
DNS Management*
Email Management*
Setting up webspace*
Windows Included Custom/Billable
Troubleshooting Disk Usage
Troubleshooting Load Issues
System Log File Investigation
Installation of Third party applications
Copying/Moving Data
Windows Firewall Management
Windows Update Management
Installation of Windows Components
Software RAID Management
Mapping Drives between Servers
IIS Included Custom/Billable
SSL Installation and Troubleshooting
Changing Default File (index.html default.aspx)
IIS User Permissions
Setting up Sites in IIS*
(Re)creating Document Root Folder
Troubleshooting HTTP Error Codes (404, 500)
Password Protection
Networking Included Custom/Billable
Internal VLAN’s
Crossover Connections
Troubleshooting of traffic not reaching its destination
Troubleshooting packet loss or poor network performance
Binding/Unbinding IP Addresses
Firewalls** Included Custom/Billable
Addition/Removal/Management of Rules
Firewall Configuration Backups
Basic VPN Support
Escalation to Cisco Support
Load Balancing** Included Custom/Billable
Add/Remove Servers from LVS Pool
Health Check Configuration (TCP, HTTP, MD5)
Iptables mangle/fwmark Configuration
Persistence Timeout Settings
Persistence Granularity
Review/Provide Health Checker Logs
Review/Provide ipvsadm stats
Round Robin
Weighted Distribution
Direct Route Load Balancing (Linux Only)
NAT Load Balancing
Monitoring Included Custom/Billable
PING Monitoring
Server Monitoring
Port Monitoring
Advanced Monitoring
Security & DDoS Attacks Included Custom/Billable
Process Analysis
Traffic Graph Analysis
Rootkit and Virus Scan Analysis
Attempt to find point of Intrusion (on a case-by-case basis)
Attack mitigation where possible
Copying of Data from Compromised Server to New Server
Hardware & OS Included Custom/Billable
Performing Server Maintenance and Upgrades
Firmware Updates
Memory Testing
Diagnostics using Dell OpenManage
Replacement of Faulty Hardware
Re-image of Operating System (on a case-by-case basis)
rsync OS to New Hardware and Boot the Server
Backup** Included Custom/Billable
Installation of R1Soft Agent
Troubleshooting of Backup Failures
File/Directory Restores
Bare Metal Restores
Retention Changes
Quota Changes

Hostway|HOSTING Support reserves the right to refuse any administrative services upon review.

*Larger requests may incur an additional charge

**Upon subscription to the optional add-on service

Cloud hosting comparison

Cloud hosting comparison

Cloud hosting comparison

A list of hardware, software, and other IT tools that Hostway|HOSTING administers and supports.
SOURCE: Cloud hosting comparison http://www.hostway.com/customer-support/support-administration.html Cloud hosting comparison

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