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Dedicated server host

Setting up a Steam Half-Life Dedicated Server

How do I setup a Half-Life Dedicated Server?

To run the Steam Source Dedicated Server you must first install Steam. To install Steam click the link below: Download Steam

After installing Steam, you must create a Steam account to run your dedicated server. This is separate from the Steam account you normally use to play games. If you attempt to run a dedicated server from your normal Steam account, you will not be able to join your server using the same account.

You do not need to register any games to your server account in order to host games.

Starting the Steam Half-Life Dedicated Server

(Counter-Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic, Deathmatch Classic, Ricochet, Half-Life, Condition Zero)

Menu Options

After adjusting the server to your liking, press the Start Server button.

Steam Half-Life Dedicated Server Main Options

You can change all of the following values without restarting the server:

  • Server Name
  • Map
  • Network
  • RCON Password
  • Player Password
  • Map Cycle

To edit a value, double-click on its name.

The Main tab includes many of the settings you specified when starting the server, but there are also two new settings you can specify:

Player Password Specifies a password players must enter in order to play on your server. This is a good option to implement if you wish to play only with your friends. Map Cycle Specifies the maps you wish to play and the order in which they appear. The maps will cycle according to either your Map time limit or Max win settings available from the Configure tab.

Steam Half-Life Dedicated Server Configuration

From the Configure tab, you may specify how your server runs and implement various server rules.

Menu Settings

Viewing Steam Half-Life Dedicated Server Statistics

The Steam Half-Life Dedicated Server offers a variety of viewable statistics. You can view statistics from the most recent minute, hour, or day. To add a stat to the view, check its box on the right-hand side of the dialog box.

You can change the Vertical Units to display the range of any one of these stats.

Display Options

Players Display player number statistics Ping Display server ping In Display ping in Out Display ping out CPU Display CPU usage FPS Display frames per second

Kicking or Banning Players from the Server

The Players tab displays all players currently on your server. In addition to viewing players, you can also kick them from your server or ban them from your server.

Kick Kicking a player will drop the player from your server. Ban You have the option to temporarily, or permanently ban players from your server. You can manually enter an IP address or use the players’ Steam ID to ban them from your server.

Managing Steam Half-Life Dedicated Server Bans

The Bans tab allows you to manage those bans that are in place on your server. You can remove a ban or edit the ban’s time limit.

Add To add a player via the Add button, you will need the players IP address or SteamID. Remove To remove a ban, highlight the player you would like to unban, then click the Remove button Edit Edit a players ban time. Import Import a ban list (if you have a downloaded a ban list, or saved a ban list from a different server you can add you can add it to your server here.)

Steam Half-Life Dedicated Server Console

The console will print activity on the server, such as players joining or leaving the server, players being kicked, banned, etc…

You can also enter server console commands:

addip Bans a player by IP address for a specified number of minutes. Entering 0 for minutes is a permanent ban. banid Bans a player by SteamID for a specified number of minutes. Entering 0 for minutes is a permanent ban. banid kick Bans a player by SteamID for a specified number of minutes and kicks them from the server. Entering 0 for minutes is a permanent ban. changelevel Changes the server to the specified map. For a full list of maps, type: maps * in the console. dropclient Kicks a client by their UserID. To find a full list of UserID’s on the server, type: users in the console. heartbeat Manually sends a heartbeat to the master server. info Displays user information about the requested client based on SteamID. kick

or Kicks a user by Player name, or UserID. To find a full list of UserID’s on the server, type: users in the console. listid Lists all SteamIDs in your server ban list. listip Lists all IP addresses in your server ban list. maps

Lists all maps containing a partial name, for example: maps de_ would list all maps with de_ in their name.

Dedicated server host

Dedicated server host

Dedicated server host

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