Jul 8 2020

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Hosted virtual desktop

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VoIP-info is your go-to website for anything VOIP. This includes VoIP software & hardware, service providers, tips and tricks as well as anything related to voice over IP networks, IP telephony and Internet Telephony.

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The importance of a business case study

Nowadays we find great competition in the market, and when starting with a new project it is essential to make a business case study, which will help to know the response of the customers and the competition before the…

Virtual PBX: major advantages for enterprises of any size

Business-related telecommunication systems don’t need to be as high-cost as one might assume. Nor does it have to be as unreachable as it may seem. There are plenty of options to consider, yet when it comes to making…

How does a SIP Trunk work? Discover the secrets of SIP Trunking

SIP Trunk technology is not very widespread in the knowledge of most companies, it is the telecommunications manager of a business who knows how it works and what are the best options to configure it according to the communication…

5G technology explained. What can we expect?

More and more people are talking about 5G technology and its functions. This year it will begin to take off little by little as more telephone companies and mobiles incorporate it. Let’s see 5G technology explained. 5G technology is an…

Platform for sending Professional SMS

At Megacall we have created a new platform for sending Professional SMS, which is addressed to all those companies that decide to use this method of communication to send certain information to their customers or carry out marketing campaigns….

Getting Started with VoIP

VoIP IP PBX and Servers

Popular choices – please do not alter this list, add new entries here

  • 3CX – Software based VoIP IP PBX for Cloud, Windows & Linux
  • Asterisk: Open Source development platform to make a PBX
  • FreeSWITCH: Open source cross platform SIP switch.
  • Kamailio: Flexible and powerful open source GPL SIP ( RFC3261 )
  • More: VOIP PBX and Servers, VoIP Hardware, Call Center Software, Virtual PBX

Hosted virtual desktop

Hosted virtual desktop

Hosted virtual desktop

VoIP-info is your go-to website for anything VOIP. Including VoIP software & hardware, service providers, tips and tricks, IP networks and IP telephony
SOURCE: Hosted virtual desktop http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Hosted+Virtual+Desktop Hosted virtual desktop

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