Jul 9 2020

#Dedicated #virtual #server #hosting-Dedicated virtual server hosting

Dedicated virtual server hosting

Dedicated virtual server hosting

Servers with permanent remote control interfaces DELL (DRAC) or HP (iLO).

Preinstalled operating system CentOS, Fedora, OpenSuSE, DebianGNU/Linux, FreeBSD or any you need.

100 Mbit/s or 1000 Mbit/s port speed

Further upgrade available

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Creanova Datacenter
Dedicated root servers, Root VPS, Colocation, Wehosting in Finland Oy Creanova Hosting Solutions Ltd. (Creanova Datacenter) was established in 1996. It has been operating for 20 years and during this time we gained a wide experience, created a top-rated team of professionals and brought all details to perfection. Our key areas of activity are as follows: services associated with equipment placement and leasing, hosting, domain registration, system administration and web development, monitoring, creation and support of cluster systems.

Our own service platform was launched in 2006. Currently, our Tier-II+ PDC is meant for 60 open server racks and it covers 350 meters.
The channel through put exceeds 100 Gbps. Our network can exchange traffic directly with all major World Internet service providers by connecting to the largest Internet Exchange Points. The air conditioning system of the server room is based on two close control air conditioners by Climaveneta (Italy) with air outflow from the bottom and air intake on the top. The conditioners work in the N+1 mode, not simultaneously, ensuring total redundancy.

Root VPS & Web Hosting

VPS/VDS – If you buy the virtual dedicated server service, you will get your own stand-alone server. Now you will not have to share valuable resources with other clients. It is an excellent full-featured alternative to a physical server at a lower price.

Web SSD Hosting + CPanel is a fast and reliable method to place websites on high-end servers equipped with solid-state drives of new generation that can protect data and offer an extended resource for rewriting. The processing (read/write) speed of servers equipped with SSDs exceeds the read/write speed of conventional hard drives hundreds of times allowing to reach the highest rate and performance when your apps are running.

Dedicated & Colocation in Finland

Server leasing – It may occur that purchasing of your own server to be placed in the data center, its maintenance and upgrading will not be profitable. Often there is more to gain from cheap leasing of a server configured to your own needs already placed in the datacenter and ready for operation.

Placement of servers (colocation) and racks leasing. It means placement of a client’s dedicated server on the data center side at a certain charge. This service presupposes server placement and its connection to high-speed communications channels..

Powerful Cloud services

Cloud services are our company’s innovative approach to IT in Finland. Our services are designed to create a comprehensive cloud model of IT industry development, provide an opportunity to experience unlimited possibilities of a cloud infrastructure in full. We offer the following cloud solutions: backing store, mail ( zimbra ), and virtual servers.

Corporate mail provides mail hosting users with spam- and virus-protected mail hosting with total encryption of e-mails transfer between users and mail servers. Thanks to strong cryptographic encryption algorithms corporate users of our mail hosting can be sure in privacy of their correspondence. Also powerful spam filters protect their ready mailboxes against spam, ads and other unwished messages.

Dedicated virtual server hosting

Dedicated virtual server hosting

Dedicated virtual server hosting

Dedicated virtual server hosting Servers with permanent remote control interfaces DELL (DRAC) or HP (iLO). Preinstalled operating system CentOS, Fedora, OpenSuSE,
SOURCE: Dedicated virtual server hosting https://creanova.org/ Dedicated virtual server hosting

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