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What is a Web Application Server? Resultant Systems #online #hosting

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What is a Web Application Server?

First, What is a Web Server?

A web server is a specialized type of file server. Its job is to retrieve files from the server s hard drive, format the files for the Web browser, and send them out via the network. Web servers are designed to do a great job of sending static content out to a large number of users. The pages delivered by the server are expected to be the same for everyone who visits the server.

The function of a typical Web server is shown below. The user requests a web page. The Web Server finds the web page file in a local directory and sends it back out to the user. When graphic files are requested, the same thing happens. The Web Server finds the requested graphic files and sends them back to the user.
The Web Server standards were originally designed to publish static documents on the Internet. There was a limited capability for accessing dynamic content, but this was never intended to support high volume, highly interactive Web applications.

How a Web server works

Then, as the Internet and Web browsers became popular in the mid-1990 s, organizations saw an opportunity to provide web pages that contained dynamic content like stock prices, weather information, inventory levels, and shipping status for a package. Web browsers became such a pervasive way to access information that users and organizations desired to access a wide variety of information and applications through their Web browser. So, Web servers had to be extended to allow software application development and access to databases.
Then, What is a Web Application Server?

Web application servers are designed specifically to extend web servers to support dynamic content. The application server software hooks in to the web server software and automatically intercepts any user requests for dynamic content. The web server still sends out static web pages and graphic files Just like before. But now, the application server can create dynamic content by mixing data with templates, running programs, or by accessing databases.

How a Web Application server works

There are a variety of Web Application Server product available. Some of the more popular products include:
Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is inexpensive and easy to learn resulting in low cost for both development and implementation. Its may be less applicable for complex or high-volume projects.

Active Server Pages and .Net

For companies that have already committed to Microsoft, the Active Server Pages (ASP) application server included with IIS is a good choice. ASP code is usually written in Visual Basic, and there a large number of qualified developers resulting in moderate development cost. ASP typically only runs with Microsoft operating systems, so it is not a great choice for high-volume projects that will run on Unix hardware..

Microsoft is migrating ASP to its new .Net product. This product offers a lot of potential, but as of May, 2002, all the components are still not released and .Net is still unproven.
Java 2
Enterprise Edition

Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is a great choice for enterprise and mission critical applications. It is highly scalable and can run under almost any operating system from Windows to high-end Unix servers. J2EE code is written in Java.

J2EE application servers are available from over 30 vendors including IBM (WebSphere), Sun (iPlanet) BEA (WebLogic), Macromedia (jRun). There are even several open source J2EE servers (Tomcat, Resin, jBoss).


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Email Hosting – Stand out with a custom email address #peer #1 #hosting

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Email Hosting

We’re based in the centre of London and we specialise in slow cooked meats for lunches. For us, getting people talking is really important.

Bridget. General Manager at Pull’d

Frequently asked questions

Once you ve set up your personal or business email address, you ll be able to send and receive messages anywhere with an internet connection. There s plenty of room to store messages, and you can also attach and send files to whoever you choose. Staying organised is easy, with folders available for sorting and archiving.

With no software to download and a super easy set up process, your business will be ready to start using email in a matter of minutes.

Absolutely. Helping you bring your business online is exactly what we re here for. For fast, knowledgeable help, log in to live chat or talk to our UK based support team to get the answers you need.

Not at all. With a clean, simple layout, 123-mail and Office 365 are a doddle to use. Everything is where you d expect to find it, with an interface designed to make every task feel familiar and intuitive.

There s no limit to the number of addresses and you can host as many as you like. Every new one is sold separately, and you ll get a discount if you buy in bulk.

Yes. One of the best parts of email hosting is having an address that reflects your personality and identity, whether personally or in business.

Don t have a domain? Don t worry. You can buy one at the same time as you get an email package.

Definitely. You can check your email with any software that allows you to connect to an IMAP or POP3 mail server.

Popular compatible programs include:

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
Microsoft Windows Live Mail
Lotus Notes
Apple Mail
Mozilla Mail
Opera Mail
Pegasus Mail
With our Microsoft Office 365 packages you can also use the Exchange protocol to connect to your email accounts. We recommend using Outlook for Exchange however a number of other mail clients also support this Microsoft based protocol.

When you buy email services from 123 Reg, we don t offer support for all these programs, but we ll give you all the settings you need to get started. Simply follow the specific program s instructions to add a new account.

Yes! As a total business email solution, it can be checked from any device with an internet connection from anywhere you may be.

You re given spam filtering to keep your inbox from overloading with junk mail. You can even customise your spam settings and level of protection to ensure you re only getting the emails you really want to.

Our spam protection won t just stop pesky junk mail, it will also catch viruses, worms and other malicious online threats before they hit your inbox. That said, even with this extra line of defence, it s still a good idea to use email security software and a little common sense before opening an attachment.

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol. It s the name of the method used to download emails from a server to a computer. Sometimes a mailbox is called a popbox they re essentially the same thing.

While POP3 was the first email protocol and is suitable for single-device use, we highly recommend the more versatile and powerful IMAP for on the go access to your emails.

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and is a more modern alternative to POP3 for accessing your emails.

We recommend the use of IMAP, as it allows multiple email clients (like Outlook, Webmail and those on tablets and mobile devices) to access your inbox at the same time. IMAP also leaves messages directly on the server so your phone, webmail and email clients will always be synced.

Exchange is a mail protocol created by Microsoft that runs on Windows based servers. It is an alternative to IMAP or POP3 and has many improvements and built in features that make it the first choice for many businesses.

Exchange features components such as OWA, a hugely popular webmail system, and ActiveSync, which keeps all your emails and data synchronised over multiple devices. It also supports push email so you receive alerts as soon as an email is received, not just when your device checks for new messages.

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Email Hosting & Exchange #web #hosting #domain

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Optimise your business productivity with hosted email

Mix’n’match and flexible

If you have different requirements within a group of people this is not a problem. Fasthosts uniquely enables you to mix different mail solutions and have them seamlessly working together in a single domain. When your requirements change, Fasthosts flexible email solutions allow you to adapt your email solutions accordingly; simply, swiftly and without hassle.

Why Fasthosts for email?

‘Fit for purpose’ email is a vital business asset. More than 105,000 customers, with over 1 million mailboxes, already rely on Fasthosts to give them an email solution that matches their business needs. A wide range of options ensures complete flexibility. Our wholly-owned, secure European datacentres, with fully redundant infrastructure, also give you maximum availability.

Problems problems problems! #resolved

Steve B 23. Aug

After a couple of days going stir-crazy with problem after problem getting my local Site published online, with a lot of patient help from Ramoncito and Kate, I eventually got my website published. Th . continue reading

Great on line support setting up from Elma.

Jamie 23. Aug

Very helpful company.

One of the good service I used so far Free web hosting 22. Aug

They provide good service but when I joined I had troubled with server down most of the time. It has been fixed after contacting to the customer service. Since no issues.

Great support and great help

Bruce Taylor 17. Aug

Great support and great help to move my email onto an exchange server and change my hosting package. I was considering moving to another hosting company but I’m very glad I stayed with Fasthosts and t . continue reading

Excellent service quick and efficient and in the evening hours

Deborah 9. Aug

Thankful that I could solve my problem in my time – at 22.00 hrs. Carla was excellent, quick, efficient, understood my issues and helped me resolve them very quickly. Brilliant.

Reliable internet support for customers

Lorraine Liyanage 8. Aug

I have had to contact the Fasthosts support team and they are always quick to respond and able to resolve issues quickly

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Find the Best Joomla Web Hosting of 2016 #web #hosting #nz

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Best Joomla Web Hosting

Probably you know that Joomla is one of the best content management system out there, easy to build professional websites with it and it’s used by thousand of webmasters world wide. Joomla can be hosted on many types of servers, from linux to windows and from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Before you are going to choose a joomla hosting company, you have to consider the following important keys:

  1. Monthly budget you can spend for web hosting
  2. Technical experience you have with Joomla and web hosting
  3. The importance of your website (personal or business)

The answers will point you in the right way to choose the most suitable hosting plan for your upcoming Joomla project.

If you are new to Joomla and are creating a personal website, the best is to choose a hosting company, which has experience with this system and provide tutorials for Joomla.

For Joomla experts, who are developing big projects based on Joomla it’s recommended to use a virtual or a dedicated server, this require large budget to spend for hosting.

If you are somewhere in the middle, running a small business and developing small to medium sized websites, we recommend to use a business hosting or a virtual server. These two types of hosting will allow you to get a dedicated IP and servers are faster and more reliable comparing it to a shared hosting.

Best Joomla Host for Small Websites

If you need a personal web hosting account for your hobby or small business website, we recommend using WebHostingHub. You will get unlimited space, bandwidth and email addresses and you can host multiple websites. Check my full WebHostingHub Review page for more details.

Best Business Joomla Hosting

For a medium to high traffic website, I would go with InMotion Hosting. The company offers high class business shared hosting with upgrade possibility if needed. If you are targeting international customers and expecting to high traffic in the future, server upgrade is essential. Read my InMotion Review to find out more about the company.

Free Joomla Hosting

This type of hosting is best for beginners, and we do not recommend free hosting for business websites at all. These accounts do not have too much security and the reliability is unacceptable for business. In most of the cases you are not allowed to host a domain name (you have to use only subdomain) and some times your site is forced to display unwanted banners, produced by your hosting firm.

Shared Joomla Hosting

Most used are the shared accounts, this is the basic and the cheapest professional hosting. Usually you get all the features that a Joomla website needs for about $3 to $10 per month. In this case, your Joomla site will be placed on the same server with hundreds of other accounts and websites. It looks like ipage is not the best hosting for joomla .

If you deal with a company which has experience in managing shared servers and their tech support is also good, you are in a good situation, because not too many company’s servers are optimized for Joomla. If you are new to this CMS and creating Joomla websites, this is a great place to start, learn and grow. For an inexpensive price, you can get everything that a small to medium sized Joomla website needs.

Business Joomla Hosting

As the name says, this type of hosting is recommended for medium sized business websites, which require more security and better uptime. It may cost little more then a usually shared account, but it worth the money in most of the cases. With business Joomla hosting you can get a dedicated IP and your Joomla websites will not be shared with so many accounts. Websites will load faster with fewer issues.

Virtual Private Servers for Joomla

Virtual server is needed when your shared account does not support your high traffic website anymore. Usually high web traffic and visitors are causing high CPU usage, which are not allowed on shared hosting servers. So if your website has reached a high number of visitors, you better upgrade to VPS.

It is much more expensive comparing it to shared hosting, but this can support much more high traffic websites then a basic hosting plan. It requires higher technical skills not only with Joomla but also with servers. If your hosting company has a good support, your issues are solved.

With VPS hosting you can create shared accounts and resell a part of the server, you will have full control over the server and will be able to do the configuration as you need. On this type of hosting Joomla sites will have a better performance and higher security. The price of a virtual server may vary between $20 and $80 per month.

Joomla and Dedicated Servers

For joomla experts, extension developers, the best way is to rent a dedicated hosting server. If you are developing high resources applications for Joomla, it’s recommended to host it on a dedicated account. This will give you the highest security and the best performance, but these require the highest budget as well. The monthly cost of a dedicated hosting is about $100 to $500, depends on the features of the server.

Green Hosting for Joomla Websites

Green datacenters and hosting are almost the same as standard web hosting except that hosting firm will use servers that use less energy and are connected to a grid which is supplied with energy produced by the power of wind. Most of companies consider this as a good marketing method, but certainly helps in reducing the carbon emission and protecting the environment.

We hope our website contain all the information you need for choosing the right hosting provider for your Joomla projects. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

Useful Joomla Tutorials

Browse our tutorial section to learn more about Joomla. Find useful tips and tricks and answers to your questions.

  • How to transfer a Joomla site to a new web host?
  • How to use Joomla Content Editor?
  • How to optimize a Joomla site for search engines?

Looking for Something?


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Joomla Hosting Reviews 2016 – The Best Joomla Hosts #unlimited #web #hosting

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About Joomla Hosting Reviews

Shared / Budget Hosting

This is the most common type of hosting and is $4 -$10/month. Your site is placed on a server with hundreds (or thousands) of other websites. The price is affordable because you are sharing the costs (and server resources) with all the other websites on the server. Be sure to check out these Web Hosting Reviews .

Business Hosting

Business hosting is a step above shared. Your website is still on a shared server, but there are far fewer sites per server, higher quality tech support, and many times you are guaranteed server resources. Generally your site is faster and technical issues are fixed quicker. All for just a few more dollars per month.

Cheap/Free Hosting

This is the least expensive way to get hosting. The price is right, but there is a likelyhood you may spend losts of effort in keeping up with the hosting. Sometimes hosting is free because of advertizing links. With this being said there are serveral low cost hostging companies. Best Cheap Hosting is has several reviews and could be a good starting place.

Joomla as a service

Joomla as a Service is a more recent type of hosting and it is a great one. Prices start at $20/month. Joomla site owners can turn over all of the hassles of maintaining Joomla to the hosting company and they just focus on making their site better. You are going with a company that knows joomla thoroughly.

Green Joomla Hosting

Green Hosting provides the same services and hosting packages as standard web hosting except that the servers are powered in a more environmentally responsible way. Hosting companies either purchase renewable energy or carbon offsets. Prices start at $5 -$10/month. The cost is a little higher but you are helping the preserve environment.

VPS & Dedicated Server

Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Service hosting is the top end of hosting. For VPS prices start at $30 – $50/month. For Dedicated servers prices start at $300 and go up. With these account you get almost complete control over the server allowing for very customized and controlled server configurations.

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Apollo Productions – Create a Podcast Today #minecraft #server #host

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Voice your Thoughts, Change the world

Recording Solutions

Use our local recording studios or our Offsite Studio Suite to record in any location on the planet. Just record your episode and our audio engineers will edit, and prepare the professional audio file and push it to all the major outlets including iTunes.

Professional Touch

Utilizing our services to create uniquely tailored intros and podcast audio, along with professionally designed album art. Our audio and design team will collaborate with you and create the professional setup for your new podcast. Make your show stand out.

Hosting and RSS Support

Everyone wants to have their podcast on iTunes, but not everyone can go through the horrendous process that is involved in getting a new podcast setup. We take the headache out of it and we will even host your files on our state of the art Amazon EC2 hosted webservers. The best in the world.

Earn Ad Revenue

Our network of podcasts allow us to leverage the number of listeners we have with advertising companies. This simply means that after a few short months you can begin to make money through ad revenue from your podcast. The larger your audience, the more money you can make.

Listener Analytics

Get access to your podcast s download stats and trends through Apollo s analytics system and have the numbers right at your fingertips.

Multiple Platforms

Reach your audience through all the major platforms and applications. We will manage podcast feed and ensure that you are available to everyone.

Rise to The Top

Our proven methods and resources will help you rise among the others and have a top ranking podcast.

Join The Apollo Podcast Network Today

Start your podcast today!

We will take care of everything, so that you can focus on what matters.

You handle the content, we’ll take care of the rest

Apollo Productions was founded because of the complexities that come with starting and managing a new podcast.

Most of us, especially if you’re a business owner, don’t have the time that it takes to launch a successful podcast. There are so many moving parts: creating professional looking album artwork, searching for the most cost effective recording equipment, hours of research on how to create whatever an “RSS” feed is. submitting to iTunes, finding a server to host your podcast, and the list goes on. On top of all that, promoting and branding your podcast properly so that it’s a hit on iTunes. Who has the time for that.

This is where Apollo Productions comes in. We make everything convenient and easy by taking on every aspect of starting and managing your podcast. All you need to do is to talk into a microphone.

% of Adults with Smartphones
% of Increases in data usage due to Vehicle Integration by 2017

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The Top Ten Most Popular Video Websites Online #ffmpeg #hosting

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Video Websites: The Top Ten

By Wendy Boswell. Web Search Expert

Thanks for visiting About Web Search!

If you are enjoying what you’re reading here, and you’d like to learn more, you’ll want to join the Web Search community. Want to learn more about searching the Web, get sneak peeks on the sites that everyone is always talking about, or exclusive search tips that will help you find what you’re looking for? Sign up below for free insider tips on the best sites and Web search secrets you wish you knew!

Yes, I would like to sign up for Web Search Secrets!

Don’t forget to join our happy Web Search Secrets community on Facebook – more than 8,000 people all over the world have joined to receive a curated “best of the Web” experience, right in their Facebook feeds. Don’t miss out!

The person behind About Web Search

Wendy Boswell has been the editor of About Web Search since 2004. She has worked closely as a digital consultant with several Fortune 500 companies, including the New York Times, Intel, IBM, and IAC; as well as several start-ups and local non-profits. Wendy has written exclusively for Lifehacker, Search Engine Journal, and Mashable, has been featured as a search engine expert by Poynter Online and PBS, and is regularly quoted in major media publications including Wired, TechSpot, Dr.Dobbs’ Software, and Forbes.

Updated March 06, 2016.

Videos have become one of the hottest commodities on the Web, garnering hundreds of millions of Web searches every single day all over the world. The top video websites online – as listed below – are the ones that About Web Search readers have consistently ranked as offering a user-friendly experience with a wide variety of great multimedia content from which to choose from.

www_ukberri_net/Flikr/CC BY 2.0

YouTube, originally created in 2005 and bought by Google in 2006, is arguably the most popular video sharing and viewing site on the Web today. An extremely wide variety of multimedia content is available here: user-generated, TV clips, movie clips and movie trailers. video blogging (also known as vlogging ), original Web series, and much more.

People all over the world use YouTube as a platform on which to share their lives; however, large corporations also take advantage of the incredibly large global audience available through YouTube to distribute their own multimedia content.

The site is extremely user-friendly, divided into categories ranging from Comedy to Sports, and is available for playback on multiple viewing platforms. More

Continue Reading Below

DailyMotion, launched in 2005 and based in France, is the second largest video website in the world according to various Web measurements.

Videos at DailyMotion can be found several different ways; via categories (also known as channels, offering everything from Animals to Travel), by checking out the Most Viewed, Trending, or What s Hot displays, browsing the Featured Users (official company presences on DailyMotion), or simply by typing in whatever you might be looking for into the DailyMotion search bar function. More

Vevo, unlike many of the other video websites mentioned on this list, is strictly for music videos and music videos only. Launched in 2009, Vevo offers the highest quality music multimedia from such organizations as Sony, Universal, EMI, CBS, and Walt Disney Records. According to multiple measuring statistics, Vevo has been ranked as the number one music multimedia platform on the Web.

Finding the video you want to watch at Vevo is quite easy. Look for your favorite song, artist, or band simply by typing a query into the Vevo search bar function, check out the Featured videos on the Vevo home page. see what s on the What s Hot list, or take a look at the Featured Channels, showcasing themed videos in such categories as Essential 80s . More

Continue Reading Below

Google Video offers an easy to use, streamlined search interface (much like all the rest of Google s multiple properties online). Users can search for videos found on other video websites, such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and MetaCafe.

Literally millions of videos are available to watch at Google Video. indexed from a variety of sources all over the Web. Movie clips. entire movies, TV shows. and user-generated content can be found here using a variety of methods: keyword search. by length/duration, time of upload. source, etc. More

Facebook takes its places as one of the most popular videos websites on the Web simply because of the size of its user base: over five hundred million people all over the world visit Facebook on a daily basis (many several times a day).

Facebook s video feature works a bit differently that the rest of the video websites on this list. Viewing a video is possible in the following situations

  • You have liked the video s parent page
  • You are part of the video poster s network
  • You have been tagged in the video
  • A video has been directly sent to you via internal Facebook messaging
  • A video has been posted onto your Facebook wall


Hulu. created in 2007, is one of the premier video sites on the Web, offering a huge variety of high quality multimedia content including the latest TV network productions, which makes it a very attractive option to users looking for better viewing options.

Viewers can watch an astonishing array of content on Hulu, including shows from NBC, Fox, ABC, Disney, and Nickelodeon. The latest (full length) episodes of many TV shows are offered within 24 hours of initial airing. Users can subscribe to Hulu Plus. a paid service, in order to access older archived versions of multimedia that has been retired; however, the most alluring feature of Hulu Plus is the ability to watch all of Hulu s content on television sets, gaming consoles, and smartphones. More

According to several different measurement organizations that keep track of visits to various online properties, the Viacom multimedia network is one of the most popular on the Web. Their impressive stable of multimedia offerings include:

View the complete listing of Viacom s digital assets. or take a look at their complete index of brands. More

Yahoo! Video, officially launched in 2006, is a video website offering branded channels, movie trailers and clips, and popular comedy skits. There are several ways to find content on Yahoo! Video: via the search function bar at the top of the website, clicking on the channels/categories ranging from Motherhood Moments to Sports Bloopers, and browsing the list of Most Popular videos at the moment.

Featured Yahoo! Video networks include the Discovery Channel, the White House, PetTube, JibJab, and Rooftop Comedy. More

9. Microsoft Video Network

Microsoft is an extremely strong player in the video website market, with such familiar properties as Fox Sports. Bing Videos. MSNBC. and TODAY. All told, Microsoft s stellar array of multimedia offerings brings in hundreds of millions of users every month from all over the world.

AOL Video, created in 2006, offers professionally branded multimedia content as well as user-generated video. Users can filter videos at AOL by clicking on branded channels (ranging from ABC to PopEater), browsing the Show of the Week, or checking out the staff picks on the front page. More

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The Best Video Share Websites #best #web #hosting #services

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#video hosting sites


Video Share Websites Reviews

Top Ten Reviews no longer updates this category and keeps it here for archiving purposes only. It was last updated in April 2011

Video Share Websites Review

Why Video Share Websites?

Video share websites are changing the way we view media and the media we view. On the Internet, amateur producers can share their videos with thousands of viewers and average people can steal the limelight from Hollywood stars.

Whether you’re looking for a clip of your favorite movie, an important newscast, a how–to video or just some good entertainment, you’ll find it on the Internet. Video share sites make it easy to browse, find and watch your favorite streaming video.

You can become a celebrity or famous producer overnight. Video share sites offer the tools and resources producers need to create and upload videos. You can access helpful articles and editing tools. Some sites allow you to post your videos for everyone to view or keep them private.

In this site, you’ll find articles on video share and production and comprehensive reviews on video share sites that will help you make an informed decision on which video share site is right for you. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

What to Look for in a Video Share Website

There are currently over 50 video share websites on the Internet and the number continues to grow. Most of these websites offer free memberships. We’ve scoured the web for the very best video share websites—so after reading about the advantages and disadvantages each has; you may want to try a few sites before choosing one.

Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate video share websites.

Audience Features
Video share websites should have features that make searching and viewing videos enjoyable. These features may include a search box, the ability to search by category, screenshot previews of the videos, a short description of the content, user submitted video ratings and other items that enhance the viewing experience.

Producer Features
The best video hosting sites offer resources for those who produce and post videos. The site may offer video creation tools, educational resources and the ability to add a description and select whether the video is public or private.

This is one of the most important aspects of video sharing sites and the reason we visit them. The best sites have a large library of good content. The content should be regulated, and not include copyrighted, pornographic, racist or violent movies; or movies that offend human dignity, are contrary to decency or endanger youth.(Note: Though many movie share sites have strict content policies, occasionally movies that contain questionable material are posted.

Ease of Use
Video share sites should be easy to navigate and use with organized categories and a search box. The videos should load and play quickly without buffering delays.

Though video share sites are free, they should still include first–class help and support through FAQs, user guides, customer service by email or phone, and ideally, a user forum.

Be sure to read the review on YouTube. the video share website our reviewers ranked #1.

At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

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PodHost – Kostenloses Podcast-Hosting ~ Podcasting gratis #website #hosting #india

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#podcast hosting


Kostenlos anmelden und noch heute Podcasten!

Was ist ein Podcast? Was bedeutet Podcasting? Lesen Sie hier.

Traffic- und Speicherplatz-Probleme mit Ihrem Podcast geh ren ab sofort der Vergangenheit an!

Wir hosten ihre Audio- und Videodateien auf unseren Servern – zu Tarifen, die speziell an Ihre Bed rfnisse als Podcaster angepasst sind. Sie bekommen, anders als es blicherweise der Fall ist, keinen statischen Speicherplatz zugewiesen. Stattdessen stellen wir Ihnen den gebuchten Speicher jeden Monat von neuem zur Verf gung – ohne dass ihre alten Dateien gel scht werden!

Sie m ssen sich nicht mit RSS-Feeds und XML herumschlagen. Einfach Ihre Dateien hochladen – und fertig. Podcasting war nie einfacher!

Melden Sie sich jetzt gratis an. und Sie bekommen monatlich 30 MB freien Speicher! Garantiert komplett kostenlos, keine versteckten Geb hren!

Aktuelle News

16. September 2015

Lassen Sie im Blog automatisch ein Impressum anzeigen. Das HTML des Blogs wird bei der Ausgabe automatisch validiert. Sie können Ihr Paket online löschen.


Zu wenig Speicher oder Traffic war gestern – Keine k nstlichen Limits!
Unlimitierter Traffic und jeden Monat neuen Speicherplatz! Da gibt es selbst im kostenlosen Paket für Einsteiger. mehr lesen


Wir wollen Podcasten f r jedermann m glich machen: Am Webspace sollte es sicherlich nicht scheitern. Unsere Angebote sind knallhart kalkuliert und so preiswert wie m glich. mehr lesen

Schnell & Sicher

Unsere Server sind mehrfach redundant angeschlossen und stellen sicher, dass Ihre Podcasts jederzeit erreichbar sind. mehr lesen


ber 30.000 Kunden vertrauen seit 9 Jahren auf die Dienste von podHost. Der erste Podcast-Host in Deutschland ist heute zum gr ten Europas gewachsen. Genutzt von unz hligen bekannten Podcast-Gr en und Radio-Stationen f r kleinere bis t gliche Produktionen.

Bei Fehlern auf dieser Seite wenden Sie sich bitte an den Webmaster. Infos, News, Tipps Tricks bei: Facebook Twitter

Hosting Murah Indonesia – Server IIX Akses Cepat #domain

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#hosting murah


Web Hosting Indonesia

Setiap website, apapun itu jenisnya (blog, toko online, company profile. games, aplikasi perkantoran, dll), pasti membutuhkan server hosting online agar bisa diakses melalui internet. Untuk itu kami memberikan solusi untuk Anda yang ingin website Anda bisa diakses melalui internet (online) dengan menyewakan space hosting murah. Kami menyediakan paket-paket hosting murah berdasarkan tingkatan kebutuhan space yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda. Baca ulasannya

Gunakan Kode Kupon KURBAN50, utk mendapatkan diskon 50%


  • Anda yang hobby membuat design website atau aplikasi website
  • Anda yang hobby membuat design website atau aplikasi website
  • Anda yang hobby membuat design website atau aplikasi website


  • Anda yang hobby membuat design website atau aplikasi website
  • Anda yang hobby membuat design website atau aplikasi website
  • Anda yang hobby membuat design website atau aplikasi website

Belum menemukan yang Anda butuhkan? Cek layanan lain

  • Website saya dapat lebih cepat jika di akses dari luar negeri
  • Saya menginginkan hosting yang tidak dibatasi kapasitasnya
  • Saya ingin menggunakan hosting saya untuk aktifitas email yang tinggi
  • Saya ingin membeli hosting untuk client saya dengan harga yang lebih terjangkau
  • Saya ingin website saya terlindungi karena banyak informasi rahasia
  • Saya ingin 1 server sendiri & saya mengerti tentang teknis
  • Saya ingin ingin website saya ON terus & saya bisa fokus ke bisnis saya

Penyedia Web Hosting Terpercaya Sejak 2007

Sejak mulai beroperasi, Jagoan Hosting Indonesia sudah dipercaya oleh ribuan pelanggan diseluruh indonesia.
Dengan pengalaman lebih dari 5 tahun, kami bisa mengerti dan memahami hampir semua kebutuhan
dan solusi yang tepat bagi Anda. Dan dengan dukungan technology engineer yang kompeten dibidangnya,
kami pastikan Anda dilayani dengan baik dan cepat.

Infrastruktur berstandart International

Kami menggunakan semua perangkat baik hardware maupun software bertaraf internasional. Hal ini tentu untuk meningkatkan peforma website-website Indonesia agar mampu bersaing dengan website luar negeri. Kami memastikan bahwa ketika Anda menggunakan server hosting Indonesia kami, kami akan memberikan layanan hosting terbaik maupun pelayanan berkelas Internasional.

Anda tentunya menginginkan banyak pengunjung yang mengakses website Anda. Begitu pula dengan kami, Kami sangat senang sekali jika semua website pelanggan kami ramai dikunjungi orang dan pemilik website mendapatkan keuntungan yang besar dari hal tersebut. Untuk itu, tidak seperti penyedia hosting lain yang membatasi bandwidth, kami memberikan fasilitas istimewa “Unmetered Bandwidth” yang tidak membatasi pengunjung website Anda.

Jaminan Network uptime hingga 99,9%

Network uptime merupakan hal yang sangat penting dan harus dijaga oleh semua provider hosting Indonesia. Kami sadar akan hal itu, dan karena itulah kami berani untuk memberikan garansi network uptime hingga 99,9%.

Network upstream berada di Tier-1 Nasional

Infrastruktur yang terhubung secara multihoming via kabel laut, menjamin redudancy dan latency yang minimal ke seluruh penjuru dunia. Lokasi server yang berbeda-beda dengan mengutamakan kualitas, baik datacenter maupun kota untuk meminimalisir kemungkinan single point of failure.

Kami menyediakan server khusus untuk back-up data Anda untuk mengantisipasi hal-hal yang tidak dinginkan dan Anda pun tinggal meminta kepada kami sewaktu-waktu ketika membutuhkan restore data lama Anda. Dan yang paling penting, backup space ini terpisah dari space hosting pada paket hosting murah yang Anda pilih sehingga tidak mengurangi space hosting Anda.

Datacenter terkemuka di dua kota besar

Fasilitas datacenter yang lengkap, akses yang mudah, dan keamanan merupakan hal-hal utama yang harus diperhatikan dalam pemilihan lokasi data center. Kami memiliki data center di dua kota besar di Indonesia, yaitu Jakarta & Surabaya. Hal ini tentu memudahkan kami dalam mengelola dan menjaga kenyamanan Anda dalam menggunakan paket hosting Indonesia kami.

Kemudahan support & kecepatan pelayanan

Dengan layanan online 24 jam seminggu, Anda dapat menghubungi kami kapanpun. Kami akan membalas chat, email, ataupun mengangkat telepon Anda, sekalipun jam 12 malam. Anda juga dapat datang ke kantor kami jam berapapun, bahkan Anda dapat menonton pertandingan tim sepakola favorit Anda sambil berbincang dengan tim support kami!

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