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Budget web hosting services and domain names from 100WebSpace #web #host #review

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Budget Web Hosting Services

About 100WebSpace

Our mission is to provide a stable web hosting service for those of you on a budget. You can start with our free package and try out our platform at your leisure risk-free. Then you can easily jump to any of our low-cost web hosting plans to get even more features unlocked for you.

For those of you who need a more advanced web hosting solution, we also offer easily scalable VPS hosting packages and a few robust dedicated hosting solutions.

A choice of more than 70 domain name extensions will be available to you as well.

A Web Apps Installer

To help you get started online, we offer a free Web Apps Installer, which is integrated into our 100WebSpace Control Panel .

What Our Clients Say

Mark R.

So far i have been very statisfied with 100WebSpace, especially the tech support. I am very satisfied with this hosting company, and would definitely recommend it to a friend!

Jaimy H.

It was very nice themes. It’s looking very nice and user friendly. 100WebSpace is giving Very Good service.

Arun K.

It’s very intutive. Please keep this up. This is better and faster than previous interfaces. Thanks for your valuable support.

Cloud vs Premises-based VoIP Phone Systems #cheap #domain #and #hosting

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Download the Free Guide

Comparing Premises-based and Cloud Phone Systems

Deciding Between a Cloud-based and Premises-based Solution

Buying a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system can be challenging. One critical decision that must be made is to determine which is better for your business: a premises-based solution (in which the hardware appliance is kept on-site in your server closet), or a cloud phone system (where your phones connect through your Internet connection to a provider that maintains the equipment at an off-site cloud data center). Educating yourself on the benefits and potential challenges that come with using either a premises-based or cloud phone system can help you make a good decision to ensure your business needs are met and you get the greatest value for your investment.


The first and most important aspect to consider is understanding which features are offered. Many hosted PBX providers don’t offer the same features in their hosted product as they do for their premises-based solution. If critical business communications features like queues, IVRs and conferencing are missing, or cost extra, then the product may not be a viable solution. Digium’s cloud phone system offering comes with all UC features included so you don’t have to worry about lack of features when choosing a cloud solution.

Upfront Cost

Hosted VoIP solutions have a low upfront cost and are typically charged as a monthly fee per user. Using VoIP with an on-site server has a higher cost upfront, but then no recurring monthly fee. Above a certain threshold it becomes more cost effective to purchase your own equipment than to pay a monthly fee. Hosted VoIP tends to be the most attractive for businesses with 5 to 15 employees. However, many large businesses with 100 or more users often choose a cloud phone system due to other advantages. It is always best to speak with a knowledgable VoIP specialist who can help you weigh the unique aspects of your business to help you decide.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A cloud phone system can often have a very low total cost of ownership due to the savings in IT personnel and because your hosted provider takes care of server configuration and maintenance. Depending on the size and structure of your business this can be an advantage of hosted VoIP over premises-based VoIP.

Existing Infrastructure

Consider your current technology infrastructure. Are you using a legacy system to connect your phones to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)? Legacy connections like Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) can be expensive. You could see a cost savings in switching to a VoIP trunk or by using a hosted PBX. To help you determine what these savings might look like and if it’s worth the switch, use this online VoIP cost calculator to learn what your Return On Investment (ROI) savings will be. On the other hand, if you like to keep your existing TDM or POTS lines, then a premises-based solution with telephony interface cards will be the best way to go.


Finally, consider how your business may grow in the coming year. If there is potential for rapid growth you will need to consider how this will impact your purchase. If going with a premises-based solution, you will likely want to purchase a larger appliance than is initially needed to accommodate growth. With hosted VoIP, new users can be added to the cloud phone system as needed. A unique advantage of Digium’s hosted UC solution is the fact that the same software is running on both the cloud version and the on-site, premises-based version. This allows for seamless integration. Users at the main office can be on a dedicated server running on the premises in your IT closet while users at the remote office have their phones connected to the cloud. By peering the cloud instance to the on-site server users will have a uniform experience regardless of which technology they are connected to.


Purchasing the right phone system is important for the success of your business. There are many factors that come into play when deciding between a premises-based and cloud VoIP phone system. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. To make the best decision sign up for a free consultation with a Digium VoIP specialist. They can provide you with additional information, tips, and advice regarding your communications needs to ensure you end up with with the best phone system for your business.

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Unlimited Web Hosting starting at only $ #host

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Shared Unlimited Web Hosting

Our state of the art Unlimited Web Hosting is unlike any other available on the Internet. Not only do we provide fast servers at guaranteed low prices, our support staff actually cares about our clients and their web sites. We aim to keep your sites available and loading quickly by constantly monitoring our network and responding to server issues when alerted. At Hostwinds we strive to provide our clients with low prices, fast servers, no downtime, great support and unlimited disk space & bandwidth.

All of our shared hosting plans include all of the features listed below.


Our basic hosting package is the perfect choice for those who have one website

Free Dedicated IP Address

as low as
per month


    For clients who need to upgrade from basic web hosting and manage more than one website or blog.

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    The success of your web site relies on bandwidth. We offer unlimited transfer on a solid network seamlessly connected to our world class data center.


    Chances are you have heard horror stories about web hosts offering “Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space”. We know that most providers out there that offer these services hide behind complicated Terms of Service and will terminate or suspend accounts that are using too many resources for the host to be profitable. We think this is a terrible practice that discredits legitimate unlimited hosting companies like us.

    How We Offer Unlimited Bandwidth:

    The unlimited bandwidth is very easy for us to offer. Our overall bandwidth cost’s are very low. We have 20+Gbps of connectivity to our Dallas location. We feel that since we have secured such a great deal with our upstream providers, it is our obligation to pass these discount’s on to our customers. We are not limited so why should you be? It does not cost us anything extra to offer unlimited bandwidth so please sit back relax and don’t worry about your bandwidth.

    How We Offer Unlimited Disk Space:

    This is probably the one that most confuses people. This is because these people are thinking like consumers. You think that what you pay for hard drives is the same price that we pay. This is not true, server’s require different hard drives than desktop and laptop computers.There is much mechanical difference between the different hard drives, however, the hard drives for servers are MUCH cheaper than hard drives for home computers. We can get 300 GB Hard Drives for less than 100 dollars. We also require that all of the files you host be related to your website in one way or another. This is to ensure that people don’t begin using our unlimited storage to store terabytes of data as their own “digital locker”. As long as the files are related to your website(s) then you will be just fine.

    Litespeed Webserver

    You have the demand, we have the resources. We offer the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server on all of our shared plans.

    LiteSpeed Web Server!

    The #1 Commercial Web Server That Improves
    Performance And Lowers Operating Costs.

    Apache System

    LSWS Is Easy To Use. That Makes The Transition From Apache Smooth And Easy.

    Better Performance
    and Stability

    Our Optimized Code Serves Clients With Minimal Memory Consumption And CPU Usage.

    Increased Client
    Server Security

    We offer Built in features such as bandwidth and connection throttling capabilities.

    • Reduced Support & Hardware Costs
    • Frequent Security Updates
    • Maximized PHP Performance
    Free Website Transfer

    We understand how challenging it is to transfer a website to a new hosting provider. Hostwinds will handle this task for FREE.

    • 1 You Submit Your Order
    • 2 Complete Transfer Form
    • 3 We Perform the Transfer
    • 4 Reset Your Nameservers

    Free Website Transfers!

    Step 1

    Complete the form submission below by providing us with all of your account details.

    Step 2

    Our team will then go to work, migrating your content and reconfiguring site settings.

    Step 3

    After migration, simply change your DNS settings and the transfer is complete!

    • All Of Your Files Are Transferred
    • No Downtime Loss
    • All Scripts Reconfigured As Needed
    • All Of Your Databases are Transferred
    • No Data Loss Guarantee
    • Unused Months Are Rolled Over To Us


    cPanel Demonstration

    Never tried cPanel? Our demo will show you how easy it is to manage a web site.

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  • Webmail 6 #ruby #hosting

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    Goed nieuws: er is een nieuwe versie van de webmail voor u beschikbaar

    De nieuwe webmail is vooral véél sneller en overzichtelijker voor u als gebruiker. Via kan u vanaf heden exclusief gebruik maken van onze nieuwe webmail in beta (test). We raden aan om hier reeds gebruik van te maken omdat de huidige versie die u momenteel gebruikt zal verdwijnen.

    Wij zijn ondertussen in de achtergrond bezig met het voorbereiden van de verhuis van uw e-mails, adresboek & e-mailmappen naar het nieuwe systeem. Zo zal u als klant helemaal niets merken van de overstap naar de nieuwe webmail. U blijft werken zoals voorheen, maar dan met alle nieuwe extra voordelen.

    Bonne nouvelle: une nouvelle version de notre webmail est disponible

    La nouvelle webmail est surtout plus rapide et plus claire pour vous en tant qu’utilisateur. Vous pouvez dès à présent utiliser notre nouvelle webmail en version beta (test) à partir de l’adresse Nous conseillons de commencer à l’utiliser car la version que vous utilisez actuellement va disparaitre.

    Nous sommes en train de faire le nécessaire en arrière-plan pour migrer tous vos emails, contacts et dossiers vers le nouveau système. En tant que client, vous ne noterez donc pas de transition vers notre nouvelle webmail. Vous pouvez continuer à travailler comme avant, mais en profitant de nouveaux avantages.

    Good news. a new version of our webmail is now available

    The new webmail is mainly faster and more clear for you as user. By surfing on you can already use our new webmail in beta (test) version. We even advise you to already use because the current version that you are using is going to disappear .

    In the meantime, we are preparing the migration of your emails, contacts and folders towards the new system. As a customer, you won’t notice any issue by using the new webmail. You can continue to work as before, but you’ll also benefit from our new advantages.

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    Hosting Gratis con PHP y MySQL, Creador de Sitios, Sin Anuncios #vps #hosting #uk

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    ¿Tu sitio va en serio? ¡Obtén ilimitado!

    Por qué alojar tu sitio con Hostinger

    Contrata Hostinger

    Todo lo que alguna vez necesitaste para alojar y manejar tu sitio web. Hosting, dominios, constructor de sitios, aplicaciones CMS y servidores.

    Una nueva generación de alojamiento gratuito

    Olvida los estereotipos sobre el hosting gratuito. Hostinger es diferente. Proveemos alojamiento confiable con un excelente soporte al usuario!

    Sin anuncios ni banners en tus sitios web

    Sin links de texto. Sin incordiantes pop-ups. Sin enlaces de texto. Sin posteos en foros obligatorios. Tu Sitio Web será 100% libre de anuncios para siempre

    Creador de Sitios Web fácil de usar

    Incluso principiantes en computación pueden crear Sitios Web impresionantes con nuestro creador de sitios! La construccioón de sitios Web nunca ha sido tan fácil!

    Soporte PHP y MySQL

    Soportamos PHP y MySQL sin ninguna restricción. Puedes cambiar a cualquier versión PHP con sólo un click y manejar bases de datos con la herramienta phpMyAdmin

    Software Auto Instalador

    Un Sitio Web completamente funcional y de apariencia profesional puede ser instalado en sólo unos minutos. Con sólo algunos clicks puedes instalar WordPress, Joomla y muchos otros scripts

    Increíble programa de referidos

    Invita a tus amigos a Hostinger y obtén grandes regalos como registros gratuitos de dominio, y subidas de plan gratuitas a “Premium” o “Empresarial” o pagos desde 4€ hasta 75€.

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    UK s Best VPS Hosting #web #hostings

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    UK’s Best
    VPS Hosting

    Forget What You Think You Know About Dedicated Servers

    Our VPS service is faster, more flexible and more cost-effective than a traditional dedicated server but with all the functionality, including a dedicated operating system providing you with full root/administrator access and a dedicated IP. However, it’s built on our OnAPP Cloud, which provides massive benefits including automatic failover and backups.

    Low Cost – High Service

    We manage and provide our own dedicated service. From our hardware / cloud to network provision.

    Because we are in full control of our platform end-to-end, we can provide a fully featured / high level of service at a low cost point.

    We are confident that our hosting service is the best on the market. In the unlikely event that another provider offers the same service for less, we will match them like-for-like.

    Don’t Worry About Specification

    Your CPU and RAM are dedicated to your VPS, we do not over-sell or share your resource. You can dynamically and without downtime increase / decrease your VPS specification on-demand.

    What Works Today Will Work Tomorrow

    Your performance needs today might be different tomorrow.

    With our managed Cloud VPS, you won’t need to worry about pesky upgrades or downtime, your server will always maintain an optimal specification to allow for spikes or increased performance needs.

    99.99% Uptime

    With a traditional dedicated server, if your hardware fails then you get downtime. Our OnAPP Cloud is not reliant on any single piece of hardware, allowing you to benefit from a massive 99.99% uptime .

    Our uptime and performance are both independently monitored by IPPATROL. Please see our publicly available uptime metrics from IPPATROL below:


    We use the latest in SSD storage technology, along with Dell servers to ensure the fastest platform possible. OnAPP Cloud ensures failover and the best levels of protection with performance possible.

    Protection, Security and Backups

    We provide a dedicated Cisco firewall and backup service to protect your server as standard, at no extra cost. We also provide an OnApp backup of your VPS to external storage, again at no extra cost, allowing you to roll back your server to a recent backup in the event of a major failure.

    Fully-Managed Support

    We provide 24/7 support from right here in the UK and respond promptly and courteously to all support requests. All staff are highly experienced and trained to help without delay or fuss, whatever the issue.

    No Contracts or Setup Fees

    We don’t believe in contracting you into a service and are confident that our service speaks for itself. We provide a no contracts service with no setup fees. giving you peace of mind and flexibility.

    Be Smart, Go Green

    Cloud hosting uses approximately one eighth of the power of a modern, similarly specified, physical hosting solution. We work with partners who care about the environment, and are always looking for greener ways to conduct our business.

    Need More Information?

    For ease, You can review and compare all our VPS products – including specifications and operating systems – in one handy PDF document. Click here to download it.

    Smart VPS

    With VPS from Smart, you get autonomous control of a virtual server.

    You are basically getting a genuine gateway to the cloud without any limitations. Resources like processors, RAM and disk space will be under your control, as well as you having root access.

    Our VPS service is built on our OnAPP Cloud, and this guarantees 99.99% uptime, along with numerous other great benefits to you. We are able to offer 99.99% uptime because our hardware is different to the majority of the traditional dedicated server setups you will find on the market.

    Our combination of SSD storage and Dell Servers provides you with one of the fastest VPS hosting platforms in the UK.

    At no extra cost, our VPS customers get a dedicated Cisco firewall to protect their server. Again, our R1 CDP Daily Backups stores your VPS to external storage, at zero cost to you.

    Nothing highlights our confidence in our services better than our no contracts policy!

    Choose our VPS solution online or contact us today for a bespoke solution!

    Configure Your VPS Now

    What do our customers say?

    Like getting a Rolls Royce for the price of an old Cortina

    “We’ve been absolutely delighted with Smart Host from the very start. When I say it’s like getting a Rolls Royce for the price of an old Cortina, I mean it! The price is great but the customer support is Rolls Royce standard. “

    Spot On Reseller Support

    “Finding a good, reliable and most importantly approachable reseller provider has proven hard for my business over the past few years. I have moved from 4 hosting providers mainly due to downtime and poor support. I don’t normally write reviews however after joining smart last year I am extremely impressed not only with the speed of there support but also the speed of there platform. The team are friendly and on hand to assist above and beyond the call of duty every time. “

    Smart Hosting is outstanding in every aspect.

    “I don’t often write reviews online, but I feel credit ought to be given where it’s due. Since discovering Smart Hosting, I have found their diverse array of features and generous resource offering to be superlative to any hosting provider I’ve ever come across before. I’d particularly like to thank James from the support team for going above and beyond his duties and offering patient and diligent customer support with blazing fast response times. “

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    Low End Box – Cheap VPS Hosting Providers Listing – Reviews #cheap #domain #and #hosting

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    Encrypting the connections to your website will help you keep your customer’s data safe and secure. Without encryption, a malicious actor could sniff the connection of your users and intercept the packets in transit.

    The Secured Socket Layer (SSL) prevents data from being intercepted between the client and the server. Here are some of the most common reasons why a server should always deliver content using secured pages:

    Protect user identities and passwords

    Protect credit card transactions and other sensitive information during online purchases

    Allow users to safely view personal and business financial information

    Prevents a connection from being sniffed by a “Man in the Middle.”

    Mahmoud from LetBox sent us some interesting offers recently. LetBox has been featured several times in the past and their last appearance was in October of 2015. We have had a good response to the offers provided by LetBox before and we hope to see the same here. They feature 20Gbps of DDoS protection with every plan as they utilize Psychz s in house protection which is a nice touch at this price point. They have an easy to read Terms of Service that we encourage you to read prior to sign up.

    Over at our sister site, LowEndTalk, we frequently see users asking for storage servers so I m very happy to see another provider offering this and I must also admit I am pleased to see them being KVM servers as well!

    Storage KVM

    This week s interview is a little different. Amitz is one of the newer moderators over here in the LE* community, although has taken a firm but fair line to his moderatorship. I decided to put a few questions to him, to find out a bit more about him. So, without any further ado, lets get under way!

    Automatically backing up files from a VPS to your DropBox account is simpler than you might think.

    When you configure your VPS to automatically send backups to your DropBox storage account, you can be assured that critical files on your VPS are backed up in a cloud data center that features multiple levels of redundancy.

    This type of backup scheme could be necessary for critical apps running on a VPS. If you found yourself in a disaster recovery scenario, it would be much easier to restore your files from a cloud backup than to wait on your data center to find the files on a tape backup.

    In this article, we will assume you are using the last version of Ubuntu 16.04. So let s get started! We will also assume that you already have a DropBox account. If you do not, go ahead and register for a free account now by visiting:

    Once you are logged in, copy and paste the following address into your browser:

    Click the Create App button and then select the following from the first question:

    Adam from QuadraNet sent in an offer for their Intel Xeon X3220 Dedicated Server located in Los Angeles. The offer includes 3Gbps of QuadraNet VEST DDoS Mitigation. You can also upgrade to their Asia-optimized network for an additional $5/month.

    QuadraNet is a datacenter which has been operating since 2001. QuadraNet operates its own datacenter facilities with its own network infrastructure (AS8100), equipment and IP space. They started under the brand OC3 Networks, OC3 Networks acquired MultiPoint and then a subsidary brand to focus on dedicated servers was started under a brand named PacificRack. All these brands eventually came together merged into one, QuadraNet. They are well-known and popular in LowEndBox/LowEndTalk community as they are used by many VPS hosting providers.

    Xeon Dedicated Server Limited Time Offer

    • Intel Xeon X3220 Quad Core 2.4Ghz, 8M Cache, 1066FSB
    • 8GB RAM
    • 500GB SATA 7.2k RPM HDD
    • 10TB Traffic
    • 100Mbps Uplink
    • /29 IPv4
    • /64 IPv6
    • KVM over IP, Remote Power Control
    • $39/month
    • INCLUDES. Noction Intelligent Routing Platform Enabled Network
    • INCLUDES. 3Gbps Detect Mitigate QuadraNet VEST DDoS Protection
    • [Order Now ]

    Converting your virtual private server into a fully functional virtual workspace can be achieved under the right circumstances. The general idea behind converting Linux into a virtual workspace is to perform the following two steps:

    1. Install and Configure the GUI
    2. Install and Connect to your VPS with VNC

    Maximillian from HostSlick sent in an offer recently. They are a very new host on the scene but seem to understand why people would have reservations on purchasing services from a newer established host. To combat this they ve made it so that you can try before you buy. If you sign up for their offer then you have 12 hours to pay the invoice and can trial the services during this. If you like the services provided then simply renew the invoice, if not, leave it unpaid and it will be cancelled by staff. This is no longer possible and they require your invoice to be paid prior to service setup. If anybody has used them please leave your experiences in the comments.

    They have explicitly stated that they do not support any form of illegal activity and if you are confused or unsure if your usage will violate this then they have said to contact them but we encourage users to read their Terms of Service prior to contacting them.

    They accept the following payment methods: PayPal/Credit Card via 2Checkout but Bitcoin and Litecoin payment methods are also supported.

    Node Specs
    Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU
    32GB DDR3 RAM
    4x 2TB HDDs in RAID10 (Hardware RAID)
    1Gbps uplink

    You may remember the old Community Roundups, which were a kind of weekly newsletter for LowEndBox. I have decided to try and reboot that, however this time incorporating a mixture of LEB and LET.

    If you have anything interesting that you would like to share on this Community Roundup (which will be appearing every Sunday evening), then just leave a comment on this post and I will look through them all next week and pick out a few of the best items for the next edition. Also, I will be scouring LEB and LET for interesting news and stories.

    This week, we interview Ishaq from BudgetNode. They are a VPS provider offering services out of LA and Ashburn, however they are based in the UK and offer UK support and have been featured on LEB and LET quite a few times. BudgetNode is run by Ishaq, and his business partner Jordan. Ishaq and Jordan are based in the UK, working different shifts, enabling them to offer round the clock support. BudgetNode started out in June 2016, out of Ashburn, Virginia. Last month, they expanded to Los Angeles, and have even greater plans to conquer other continents. So far, they only have OpenVZ, but more is planned.

    Every week, we will be interviewing a different provider to find out a little more about them, and the business that they run.

    We ve made some changes to the offers which are available to be posted here at LowEndBox. They are detailed below:

    For Unmanaged VPS (OpenVZ, KVM, other) Services:

    $10.00 per month and under.

    For Shared Hosting Services:

    $2.50 per month and under.

    For Reseller Hosting Services:

    $5.00 per month and under.

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    What is managed hosting? Definition from #small #business #email #hosting

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    #managed hosting


    managed hosting

    Managed hosting is an IT provisioning model in which a service provider leases dedicated servers and associated hardware to a single client. The equipment is at the hosting provider’s facility and managed there by the service provider.

    Download this free guide

    New Guide: Are You Making the Cloud Lucrative for your Channel Business?

    Learn the best strategies IT solution providers can leverage for starting up and securing a cloud practice, successful approaches to selling and marketing cloud, and why it is urgent partners to transition now.

    By submitting your email address, you agree to receive emails regarding relevant topic offers from TechTarget and its partners. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Contact TechTarget at 275 Grove Street, Newton, MA.

    You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy .

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    Best VPS Hosting – Your source for the best in VPS hosting #web #hostings

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    #best vps hosting


    Your Source For The Best In VPS Hosting

    Honest Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting Reviews:
    We have compiled what we believe are the top 10 VPS hosting companies in the industry to help take the guesswork out of your decision. Unlike other top 10 sites, our list is not compiled by who pays us the most. We are users of VPS Hosting and over the years have been able to identify the key features of this newer hosting service and those companies offering the best VPS hosting solutions. This top 10 list is what we consider to be the best of Windows VPS and Linux VPS hosting and the benefits each host can offer you as the user. Below is a list of the top but which are not in any order. Rather, each has be reviewed and is strong in its particular area.

    Click Here To See How We Review VPS Providers

    Please note: we are a review site that ranks web hosts based on our experiences and their reputation. We receive a commission for any purchases that originate from this site.

    Best VPS Hosting Articles In The Spotlight

    Best VPS Hosting commits intensive research, testing and speaking with individual users to develop an ongoing series of articles focusing on the VPS industry. Please enjoy our latest selection:

    What is a VPS in a nutshell?
    A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the latest evolutions in the world of hosting. A VPS gives a user all of the benefits of having their own dedicated server, without the hefty monthly bill. Read More.

    Compare a VPS to other hosting types
    Virtual Private Server hosting can be considered a smart option between shared web hosting, and a dedicated server. If a shared hosting account is not enough, and a dedicated server is too powerful or costly, then a Virtual Private Server (VPS) may be right for you. Read More.

    Choosing a control panel for a VPS
    Using a Virtual Private Server can be even easier when a control panel is installed. Control Panels install onto a server and work in conjunction with your operating system. Read More.

    Switching from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting-VPS Benefits
    The question of when should somebody switch from a Shared Hosting account to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one that is asked time and time again. As a result, we have decided to write an article to explain some of the benefits and true differences between a shared hosting environment, and a managed VPS environment. Read More.

    Cloud Hosting Virtual Private Servers
    Just when you thought VPS server technology couldn’t get any better, it just did! Now many web hosting providers are starting to offer Cloud Hosting for VPS servers. Read More.

    Compare Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to other hosting types
    Virtual private servers are the ideal choice for many who require more than what a shared hosting account has to offer, but do not have the budget for a dedicated server. BestVPSHosting reviews the top VPS hosting providers and gives honest reviews on hosts. Review our top VPS hosting providers and learn who is giving the best value, support, and features within your budget. Read More.

    Technical Advice Choosing a Virtual Private Server
    If your website is currently hosted on a shared account and is growing rapidly, you might want to consider a Virtual Private Server hosting option. With shared hosting environments proving to be unstable for sites with sudden high traffic, a virtual private server gives you more flexibility and
    resources. Read More.

    Factors to consider when choosing a VPS company
    A virtual private server is a great choice when looking for a hosting solution that has plenty of power and is reasonably priced. Virtual private servers offer flexible and economical hosting options, and if you are ready to move on from a shared account you may want to research VPS. Before you sign up with the first VPS provider you see, it is important to understand some different factors in choosing a hosting provider. Follow along this list to help make your provider choice easier. Read More.

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    Cloud Servers #host #domain

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    #best vps hosting


    1. The discounted price will be charged for the life of the service on incremental nodes purchase during the promotional period.
    2. The discounted price is only available for servers hosted in Atlanta, Chicago, Salt Lake City & London and is subject to availability.
    3. The discount is not available for managed services, software or additional storage.
    4. On receipt of node cancellations, discounted nodes will be cancelled before non-discounted nodes.

    High performance SSD VPS servers

    Available in 10 locations worldwide from $5.00 per month

    High performance SSD VPS servers

    Available in 10 locations worldwide from $5 per month

    Introducing VPS.NET’s

    New Data Center in Vancouver

    Free Assisted Start-up on all Servers

    For a limited period, all our servers come with free Assisted Start-up

    3 great things you need to know about VPS.NET

    One of the most experienced cloud hosting teams, here to help you

    We’re global (22 data centres, 4 Int’l offices, Customers in over 200 countries)

    We have scale (200 employees) to be taken seriously, but we’re not too big to care

    Our Products

    SSD VPS servers

    For users looking for super fast speed and performance at a great price

    Built for speed, and ideal simple websites or complex web apps, cPanel and other hosting controlpanels, every SSD VPS Server comes with superfast SSD Disks and a low price. If price and speed are your main requirements our SSD Servers are for you.

    • Free SSL security
    • 24x7x365 support team
    • 99.9% SLA
    • Root access
    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • Super fast, high reliability, Solid State Disks
    • Global Datacenters

    Cloud VPS servers

    For users who want the best reliability and customization options

    Never worry about downtime again. All Cloud-VPS servers are hosted on our self-healing cloud and backed by our 1,000% SLA. With unlimited customization options, you can get exactly the server you want. If uptime and reliability are a must, our Cloud Servers are for you.

    • Self-healing Cloud
    • Deploy on demand
    • Enterprise-grade SAN
    • 1,000% SLA
    • 24x7x365 support team
    • Root access
    • 30-day money back guarantee

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