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Social Workers – Practice Wisdom Towards Achieving Social Justice: A Case Study of the Home

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The history of children being deported from the United Kingdom to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and several other Commonwealth nations can be traced from the 1800s. These children were known as ‘home children ’ and were forcibly relocated to these countries, often without their parents consent or knowledge (many of these children were told that they were orphans and were denied information about their families). Margaret Humphreys. a British social worker, was a whistle-blower to this scheme. In 1994, she published a book entitled Empty Cradles (and later turned into a popular film, Oranges and Sunshine. in 2011) where she notes that up to 150,000 children ‘migrated’ under this scheme and about 7,000 of these children went to Australia. The Australian government delivered a formal apology on Monday 16 November 2009 to the former British child migrants who suffered abuse and neglect whilst in state care. In February 2010, the UK Prime Minister followed suit and made a similar apology; the British Ambassador to Australia made a tour of the country to deliver the apology in person.

This history raises important questions and represents a critical case study for social work – particularly as it relates to the realisation of social justice. The institutional abuse of these children and the structural barriers used to prevent an inquiry into the injustices they and their families suffered highlight that social work profession must operate on multiple levels to address the lived experience of oppression.

However, what is social justice? It is a word that is almost used in everyday social work practice and is an integral part of the International Federation of Social Workers definition of what social work is. And yet, it remains difficult to define and even more difficult to achieve in practice; particularly in the neo-liberal contexts of outsourcing, short-term funding contracts and the resulting organisational cultures that are averse to risk. In such a climate, challenging powerful institutions can be a dangerous exercise.

Drawing upon a case study of children being deported from the UK to Adelaide, Australia (sometimes referred to as Home Children or Former British Child Migrants), this recently published paper entitled ‘Restoring Connections’ presents an action-research study that examined social work practice by focusing upon resilience and reconciliation with people who have experienced traumatic loss arising from social injustice or institutional abuse. The project examines the ways in which social workers can foster links and restore connections between the experiences of people s private experience of loss with public and structural issues drawing on a social work example drawing on the home children experience. This research served as a means of understanding personal trauma arising from unjust social policy and practice, and how such affected people seek and obtain social justice. A focus group of social work practitioners met to discuss questions aimed at eliciting their practice wisdom about moving personal testimony associated with interpersonal practice towards the public sphere.

The social justice insights and questions resulting from this focus group are examined using Finn and Jacobson s ‘Just Practice Framework’ and Margalit s writings about a decent society. The findings from this group support previous studies that achieving social justice in social work practice remains a difficult but integral concept in our work. This paper concludes with suggestions for strengthening socially just processes and practices in social work education and professional development through a stronger focus on the concepts of history and possibility.

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Restoring Connections: Social Workers Practice Wisdom towards Achieving Social Justice
Carol Irizarry; Jay M. Marlowe; Lorna Hallahan; Michael Bull
British Journal of Social Work 2015; doi: 10.1093/bjsw/bcv129

Finn J. Jacobson M. (2003). ‘Just practice: Steps toward a new social work paradigm’, Journal of Social Work Education, 391, 57–78

Margalit A. (1996). The Decent Society, translated by Goldblum N. New York: Harvard University Press.

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What Are Yield-to-Maturity and Yield-to-Call Bonds All About? #high #yield #bonds #definition

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What Are Yield-to-Maturity and Yield-to-Call Bonds All About?

When you invest in bonds, bond salespeople will talk about several types of bond yields, including yield-to-maturity and yield-to-call. Understanding what kind of yield is being promised on a bond or bond fund is important to your investment success.

Yield-to-maturity bonds

Although far from perfect, the yield-to-maturity is a relatively accurate measure of return. Yield-to-maturity factors in not only the coupon rate and the price you paid for the bond, but also how far you have to go to get your principal back, and how much that principal will be.

Yield-to-maturity calculations make a big assumption that may or may not prove true: They assume that as you collect your interest payments every six months, you reinvest them at the same interest rate you re getting on the bond.

To calculate the yield-to-maturity, you can use a financial calculator, such as You put in the par (face) value of the bond (almost always $1,000), the price you are considering paying for the bond, the number of years to maturity, and the coupon rate, and press calculate.

Yield-to-call bonds

If you buy a callable bond, the company or municipality that issues your bond can ask for it back, at a specific price, long before the bond matures. Premium bonds, because they carry higher-than-average coupon yields, are often called.

What that means is that your yield-to-maturity is pretty much a moot point. What you re likely to see in the way of yield is yield-to-call. It s figured out the same way that you figure out yield-to-maturity (use if you don t have a financial calculator), but the end result your actual return may be considerably lower.

Keep in mind that bonds are generally called when market interest rates have fallen. In that case, not only is your yield on the bond you re holding diminished, but your opportunity to invest your money in anything paying as high an interest rate has passed. From a bondholder s perspective, calls are not pretty, which is why callable bonds must pay higher rates of interest to find any buyers.

Usually a callable bond will not have one possible call date, but several. Worst-case basis yield (or yield-to-worst-call) looks at all possible yields and tells you what your yield would be if the company or municipality decides to call your bond at the worst possible time.

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Mysql as a service #mysql #as #a #service

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Oracle MySQL Cloud Service delivers a secure, cost-effective and enterprise-grade MySQL database service. Built on MySQL Enterprise Edition and powered by the Oracle Cloud, it provides a simple, automated, integrated and enterprise ready MySQL cloud service, enabling organizations to increase business agility and reduce costs.

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service delivers:

  • MySQL Enterprise Edition – MySQL Cloud Service provides all the benefits of MySQL Enterprise Edition to deliver the highest levels of MySQL performance, security and uptime.
  • Easy to Use – MySQL Cloud Service provides a simple and user-friendly, web-based console to manage your MySQL Cloud instances. A REST API and command line tool are also available to administrators.
  • Self-service Provisioning – Create preconfigured MySQL databases optimized for performance, and cloud tooling automates database instance lifecycle management.
  • Elastic Scalability – Automated scaling enables users to elastically scale compute and storage resources as well as MySQL replicas.
  • High Availability – MySQL Replication and MySQL Replication monitoring improve application uptime and minimize service disruptions.
  • Multi-layered Security – MySQL Cloud Service offers enterprise-grade security features including network access control, MySQL Enterprise Firewall, MySQL Enterprise Authentication, MySQL Enterprise Encryption Transparent Data Encryption and MySQL Enterprise Audit.
  • Backup and Recovery – MySQL Cloud Service supports hot, online backup, point-in-time recovery and on-demand snapshots.
  • Best in Class MySQL Tools – Use familiar, best-in-class MySQL tools including MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Query Analyzer and MySQL Workbench to monitor and manage the performance and availability of all your MySQL instances.
  • Unified Cloud Management – Oracle Enterprise Manager users can manage their entire Oracle environment from a “single pane of glass”.
  • Oracle PaaS and IaaS Integration – MySQL Cloud Service is integrated with Oracle Public Cloud at both infrastructure and platform layers, providing a seamless experience for application development and deployment.
  • Technical Support Straight from The Source – With MySQL Cloud Service you get MySQL technical support directly from the experts, who are backed by the engineers developing the MySQL products. Additionally, Oracle Premier Support represents a one-stop support solution for both cloud infrastructure and MySQL related issues.

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Fire Damage Cleanup #sewage #damage #cleanup

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Fire, Smoke, and Soot Cleaners

Fire Damage Cleanup / Smoke and Soot Removal

Degrease-All offers a special blend of tough cleaning agents formulated to remove silt and soot from walls, fixtures, sealed wood, painted surfaces, yet gentle enough to be used as a traffic lane cleaner. It is tough enough to remove the heaviest smoke odors.

  • Multi-surface degreaser
  • Highly effective for removing soot
  • pH: 12.3 (RTU 11.0)
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
  • Various dilution options

Starting at: $25.65

  • These heavy-duty vulcanized natural rubber sponges excel at all types of cleaning applications, especially surfaces damaged by soot, smoke or fires. Wait until you see how much soot and dirt this sponge can power through on your restoration site!

    • Bulk packed (not individually wrapped)
    • Non-greasy; will not leave a residue
    • Small: 6 x 0.75 x 3 inches
    • Medium: 6 x 1.5 x 3 inches
    • Large: 8 x 1.75 x 2.75 inches

    Starting at: $41.84

    Soot Eraser liquefies thick, black, greasy soot, making professional fire and smoke damage restoration faster and easier. Use on most non-delicate surfaces, including walls, cabinets, carpets, furniture, appliances, patio furniture, and concrete.

    • Liquefies thick, black greasy soot
    • Ideal for fire damage restoration
    • pH: 12.5 in concentrate; 11.0 in dilution
    • Safe for use on water-washable surfaces
    • Dilute 22 oz per gallon of water

    Starting at: $24.78

    Unsmoke All-Surface Cleaner powers through tough grease, grime, soot, and smoke damage on most water-washable hard surfaces. Its low-solvent formula makes it less likely to damage plastic or painted surfaces, unlike other high-solvent all-purpose cleaners. Biodegradable and phosphate-free.

    • Ideal for removing grease, soot, and smoke damage
    • Low-solvent formula
    • pH: 11.5
    • Use on wet-cleanable surfaces
    • Variable dilutions
  • 9-D-9 is a general-purpose smoke odor counteractant specially formulated to manage fire, smoke, and other strong odors. Blended with the finest-quality ingredients, 9-D-9 helps to detoxify and knock down malodors quickly and efficiently.

    • Dilutes 1 to 3 ounces per gallon of water
    • pH: 7.7
    • General-purpose smoke odor counteractant
    • Additive to wall, upholstery, and carpet cleaning solutions
    • NOT for use with thermal foggers

    Starting at: $73.01

    SENTINEL 539 Sealer Encapsulant contains an antimicrobial agent that helps prevent microbial growth on the cured film surface. This low-odor, fast-drying encapsulant is ideal for sealing and trapping tough odors on restoration projects, like smoke, decay, and sewage.

    • Available in white or clear finishes
    • Helps prevent antimicrobial growth on the cured film surface
    • Can be applied to HVAC systems
    • Can be applied by brush, roller, or airless paint sprayer
    • Coverage of 200 400 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $184.00

    Fire D One Shot is ideal for use to kill after-fire odors and smoke in automobiles and other areas where a fogging machine would be awkward and/or electrical power is not available. You can also use this product to remove skunk odors.

    • Ideal for fogging in small areas
    • Designed to remove smoke odors
    • No power needed so you can use it anywhere
    • Also great for removing skunk odors
  • Viper Venom is used as a pre-treatment spray on grout and tile to loosen and emulsify soils and stains. It is ideal for fire restoration jobs where heavy soot and soil residue is present.

    • Alkaline based pre-treatment for tile and grout
    • Ideal for general cleaning and fire restoration
    • pH: 12.0
    • For use on tile and grout
    • Various dilutions

    Starting at: $23.96

    Dirt, soot, soap scum, fire residue, and grime don’t stand a chance against PreVasive Natureal’ Heavy Duty Cleaner. This earth-friendly cleaner contains a special blend of surfactants and wetting agents that break surface tension and penetrate organic buildup for easy, fast removal.

    • Earth-friendly cleaner cuts through grease and grime
    • Ideal for cleaning soot and fire damage
    • pH: 10.5
    • Deodorizes and leaves a pleasant botanical scent
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $30.25

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  • College of DuPage – Computer Information Systems (CIS) Program #computer #information #systems, #cis, #game #design

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    Computer Information Systems

    Welcome to the Computer Information Systems Program at College of DuPage.

    Get the technical skills to enhance your career at College of DuPage. Health care facilities, computer consulting services, accounting systems design, manufacturing and government agencies are a few examples of fields that provide jobs for technical and business computer experts. Retail, banking, insurance, real estate and other industries also offer many opportunities.

    Job growth in computer-related careers is expected to continue into the next decade. Career opportunities provide great diversification and include help desk technicians, web developers, programmers, database developers, systems analysts and software developers.

    Whether you are entering a computer-related field or brushing up on computer skills, the Computer Information Systems (CIS) program offers degrees, certificates and courses that can meet all of your needs:

    • Two-year Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees for Software Development, Application and Technical Support Specialist, Game Design, Game Programming, and Game Animation and Design
    • Certificates in Business Productivity Software, Desktop Database Proficiency, Spreadsheet Proficiency, C++ Language Proficiency, Java Language Proficiency, Visual BASIC Language Proficiency, Linux Proficiency, UNIX Proficiency, Web Technician and Web Programmer
    • A two-year Associate in Science (A.S.) degree or Associate in Arts (A.A.) that allows you to transfer to a baccalaureate-granting institution. If you are interested in transferring to a four-year school, start with exploring the transfer requirements of some of the schools that offer Computer Science Bachelor Degrees.
    • 3+1 Degree. College of DuPage and Lewis University 3+1 Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Computer Science

    Gainful Employment Information

    View information about this program, including estimated cost and employment opportunities.

    Dr. Sam Shamsuddin. Coordinator
    Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1530B, (630) 942-2940

    Kathy Harper. CIS/CIT Program Advisor
    Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1474B, (630) 942-3961

    Kim Groesbeck. Program Support Specialist
    Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1433, (630) 942-2599

    Business and Technology Division
    Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06, (630) 942-2592

    Coloring Sites for Kids #online #coloring #program

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    Coloring – Print Color

    Alphabet Coloring Pages
    From Apple to Dinosaur to Monkey to Zebra, get creative and color these alphabet pictures, then print them out to create your very own alphabet art gallery.

    Animal Forest Coloring Book
    Print and color pictures of Tommy Turtle, K.G. Rabbit, Odell and Okie Possum, or five other scenes from the Possum Twins world.

    Arthur’s Coloring Pages
    Choose from 26 pictures of Arthur and his friends to color.

    Berenstain Bears Coloring Book
    Choose from eleven great pictures to print and color starring your favorite Berenstain Bear characters.

    Between the Lions – Leona’s Coloring Pages
    Here’s a collection of coloring pages and other activities for you to print out and enjoy.

    Bungalo Books – Color a Picture
    3 nicely illustrated pictures you’re sure to have fun coloring.

    Chevron Cars Coloring Pages
    Print out and color your favorite Chevron toy car. There are over 50 different cars to choose from.

    Color that Pokemon
    Choose your favorite pokemon from a collection of over 200. Includes pictures of Ash, Brock, Misty and Team Rocket too.

    Color Me Frog!
    Frog lovers will enjoy this collection of pictures to print and color.

    Crayola Coloring Pages
    Choose from over 1,000 coloring pages, with new ones added each month. Categories include animals, Disney characters, holidays, and more.

    The Crayon House
    Lots of pictures to print and color. Picture categories include themes like Fridge Art, Holidays, Sports, and more.

    Fisher-Price Coloring Pages
    Choose from a cute collection of 24 pictures you can print and color. Some of the pictures feature activities like connect-the-dots and maze puzzles.

    Free Kids Coloring
    At Free Kids Coloring, you’ll find over 2,500 printable coloring pages and interactive coloring games, categorized into dozens of subjects such as Animals, Christmas, Spring, Toys, and Back-to-School.

    Haring Kids Coloring
    Color a picture from a whimsical collection by well-known artist Keith Haring.

    Jan Brett Coloring Pages
    Choose from an extensive collection of images drawn by illustrator Jan Brett.

    Kendra’s Coloring Book
    Color dozens of pictures online, or print them out to color by hand if you like. Categories include Animals, Designs and Shapes, Holidays, and more.

    The Little Artist
    Features pictures of numbers, the alphabet, and other drawings with bear themes.

    Little Critter’s Coloring Book
    Eight high-quality pictures to choose from, featuring Little Critter and family.

    Nick Jr. Coloring Pages
    Over 200 printables featuring Dora the Explorer, The Backyardians, Blue’s Clues, and more await your coloring skills at this Nick Jr. Site.

    Preschool Coloring Book
    Designed especially for preschoolers. Print and color pictures of the alphabet, animals, birthdays, the circus, holidays, and many other subjects.

    Print ‘n’ Go Coloring Book
    This National Geographic coloring book site has dozens of great animal pictures for you to color, featuring everything from owls to octopuses, and cheetahs to chimps.

    Scooby-Doo Activities
    Scooby provides kids with a nice selection of activities including coloring sheets that can be printed and colored.

    Bob the Builder
    Give a new paint job to Scoop, Lofty, or four other vehicles.

    Chevron Cars Online Coloring Pages
    Now you can color a selection of Chevron toy cars online. Choose from a dozen different cars and scenes to paint.

    Dreezle Draw
    Paint with your mouse with this fun online drawing program. Create your own masterpiece using your choice of paint brush styles and stamps, then print and hang it proudly.

    Garfield’s Click ‘n’ Paint
    Select a picture of Garfield, then use the virtual crayons to fill it with color.

    Keith Haring Interactive Coloring Book
    Create a picture using artist Keith Haring’s most familiar characters, then color them online.

    Kendra’s Coloring Book
    Color dozens of pictures online, or print them out to color by hand if you like. Categories include Alphabet, Animals, Designs and Shapes, Holidays, and more.

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    ICT in UK Schools #ict, #uk #schools, #national #curriculum, #changes, #prepare, #students, #needs, #the #industry,

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    ICT in UK Schools

    ICT is a compulsory part of the National Curriculum. The existing programme for ICT, however, has been suspended as dull, boring and unsatisfactory and replaced by new courses of ICT study. These are expected to prepare the pupils for the increasingly digital world and give them the necessary knowledge and skills to find decent jobs.

    The Responses to Changes of the National Curriculum for ICT Study

    The leading experts and the ICT industry and SEO companies support the changes of the National Curriculum for ICT Study. They have emphasised that the demand for qualified ICT professionals is rapidly growing and that is expected to grow in the future as well. At the same time, Computer Science degrees are among the most respected qualifications not only in the UK but in the entire world. As a result, ICT professionals can look forward to highly rewarding careers in search engine optimisation and online marketing.

    The suspended National Curriculum for ICT Study did not prepare the students adequately for the needs of the industry or give them computer skills they need to succeed in life. It was found to be irrelevant and boring, and according to some even harmful and demotivating. Rather than equipping pupils with the necessary digital skills, it occupied them with irrelevant information that achieved the opposite effect and often also created a distorted image about computer sciences.

    The Difference between the Old and New ICT Programme

    The new National Curriculum for ICT gives incomparably more freedom to schools and teachers in what and how they will teach their pupils relevant skills and make the courses more exciting. It also foresees a closer cooperation between the schools – especially universities and businesses in the development of the courses with an aim to produce ITC specialists that are needed by the industry. Although the cooperation between schools and businesses existed before, the new ICT Programme gives more emphasis to the needs of the industry and facilitates its inclusion in formal education.

    Challenges of the New Curriculum for ICT Study

    Although there is a wide agreement that the changes in the existing ICT programme were necessary and urgent, some expressed concerns about the lack of official guidance. Freedom that is given to the teachers by the new Curriculum to teachers has been welcomed by the UK schools but it has also caused an increased anxiety. The thing is that teacher skills and confidence vary greatly and without an official guidance, the existing gap between the schools may increase even further. Many experts have therefore called for a continuous teacher computer science education to both improve their digital literacy and teaching skills.

    Commercial Janitorial Services #commercial #janitorial #services, #cleaning #janitorial #services, #corporate #janitorial #services, #janitorial #services, #office

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    Commercial Jantiorial Services

    JSI offers commercial janitorial services. We have experience cleaning for all types of organizations. JSI offers a broad spectrum of janitorial and cleaning services to meet the growing needs of our clients:

    • Daily or nightly cleaning services
    • Porter services
    • Maintenance services
    • Hard surface floor care
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Pressure washing
    • Operating room cleaning
    • Window washing
    • Construction clean up
    • And much more!

    Cleaning Jantiorial Services

    Cleaning janitorial services are our speciality.

    Corporate Jantiorial Services

    Corporate janitorial services are available for local and national corporations.

    Office Janitorial Services

    We can provide office jantiorial services to your organization whether large or small.

    One of Ohio’s premier janitorial providers, we are the preferred partner for some of the area’s largest and most Prestigius office complexes, healthcare facilities and educational institutes. We employ over 850 individuals, and have grown a diverse customer base of over 200 accounts. We service the entire state of Ohio, and also have national account capabilities. JSI is a privately held corporation.

    8555 Sweet Valley Drive, Suite H – Valley View, Ohio 44125 – Phone (216) 341-8601

    Refurbished Security System: 6 Components #time #warner #home #security #system

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    it for a full refund

    Test any one of our alarm system packages below. If you aren’t 100% delighted, call us within 60 days for a FULL REFUND and let us pay for return shipping.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We at Simplisafe are committed to providing you with only the best products and services. Our goal is to make your life safer and easier. If you are in any way unsatisfied with your SimpliSafe product or service, please contact us and we’ll do our best to make it right.

    3 Year Product Warranty

    Even after 60 days has passed, you still benefit from our three-year product warranty. If anything goes wrong with your system, just call us (1-888-957-4675) and we’ll do whatever it takes to sort things out. Usually, we’ll just send you a replacement part, completely free of charge. We can afford to offer this because our components are so reliable.

    Want a little more time to think? We’ll
    send you a copy of your cart, exactly as
    it appears here.

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    Multi-Sensor Inspection System #ppr, #gpr, #lidar, #sonar, #mutli-sensor, #robotic #condition #assessment

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    Multi-Sensor Inspection System

    What is advanced condition assessment?

    Advanced condition assessment is the application of industry leading measurement technologies for the purpose of objectively determining the condition of pipe infrastructure. SewerVUE Technology currently employs 4 sensors: CCTV, LiDAR, Sonar, and PPR. These sensors are most commonly deployed via remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) or custom built inspection platforms (Floats).

    The SewerVUE Multi-Sensor Inspection System float, is used in pipes that contain large amounts of flow, while the 4th Generation Surveyor, a tracked robot is specifically designed to deploy our high frequency radar antennae. The sensor data is aggregated into a unique 4-in1 viewer using our proprietary software, and analyzed by professional Geophysists with over 40 years of cumulative industry experience. View More

    Preventative maintenance saves you money

    Find problems before they cost you

    The Surveyor’s industry-first PPR allows you to see through the pipe, revealing internal defects and bedding issues. With detailed profiles of pipe walls, cracks and voids you will have the information you need to objectively assess the remaining service life of your pipe, and prevent catastrophic failure due to sinkhole development. View More

    Surprise! Rebar isn’t straight.

    See that red line over there, that’s your rebar.

    It may come as a surprise that rebar isn’t always in the center of the concrete. It can be right up against the inner wall, leading to incorrect assessments. The corrosion can be as little as 0.25 inches, when the rebar is showing! SewerVUE Technology’s revolutionary PPR allows you to accurately and objectively determine rebar cover and wall thickness, empowering you to make the right choice regarding the service life of your pipe. Unlike CCTV, there is no guess work! View More

    It worked for them. Let it work for you.