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How to stream flash videos from your website with Red5 hosting

Red5 is open source free software. This software is implemented using Java language by taking the help of reverse engineering protocols of AMF and RTMP. This software is meant for supporting recording and streaming audio and video formats over net and also for publishing live streaming of events like soccer, TV shows etc. This software is also helpful for tunneling HTTP via RTMPT and sharing objects. This software and its applications have become so common these days that most of the common social networking sites like Facebook, openmeeting and many others use this software. If one need to use Red5 hosting services for online broadcasting of audios and videos or for storing these audio and video files there is a need of dedicated red5 server. These servers are used for streaming these flash videos over net in real time. In real practice channels are provided to broadcast these video streaming and also void spaces are allocated on these dedicated Red5 servers which are to be used by clients.

Types of video formats supported by Red5

The format supported by Red5 for streaming videos includes mp4, FLV, M4A and ACC. For live streaming of flash videos the formats supported includes VP6, Nelly Moser, Speex, NSV, Sorenson etc.

The steps to be followed to stream flash videos using Red5 hosting are as follows

The first and foremost step is to install the Oflademo application with the help of the Red5 software using graphical user interface. So at first we need to open the browser window and then navigate to that IP address and then click on the link which appears.

Once the installation appears select the Oflademo application and then click on the installation tab.

The file to be streamed will automatically go to the directory of Oflademo application under the web application directory of the Red5 directory. If one wants to be sure about the writ ability of this directory then he has to switch to the consol mode and type appropriate command.

The next most important step is to copy the flash video file to the dedicated red5 server and from there this flash file will be streamed in the world wide web.

The next step is to configure the flash player which will be pointing to that dedicated Red5 server. Mostly JW player are used as this player automatically configured itself by suing the default available on that site. There are also other flash players available on net like the adobe flash player which is also very common and gets installed as a plug in with the browser.

Now two essential flash variables are required to complete this procedure. They are .file which is the FLV file and another one is the URL of that dedicated Red5 server which gives us the path of that application.

Thus we see that its very easy to use Red5 software to stream flash videos from our website and also provides us tools to stream vides in real time processing.

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