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Manas Hosting was founded in 2005 and is now 11 years in business.

Website Space | Unlimited Bandwidth Domain Registration India | Web Hosting Service

At ManasHosting, we provide our customers with exclusive web hosting services with Unlimited Bandwidth, Domain Registration Website Space at competitive prices with additional features. We helps you to create large websites without worrying about ‘ce

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#28, 2nd Floor, 3rd Block
1st Main, 3rd Stage,
Basaveshwara Nagar
Bangalore – 560079, (India)

Manas Hosting Reviews

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Review of by Pooja Vernekar on 2015/01/22 at 09:18

The worst company ever i have seen, they tel lies to us during recruitment, It is my sincere request for all don t go to the company for interview, This is fraud company.

This company is going to close they don t have enough to clear the salary of their employees. so don t get fall into this trap and save your soul from this company..

P.S all these green reviews are fake and posted by their employess. but it s vain

Review of by Vishnukant Phafat on 2014/11/03 at 07:21

I have the worst experience. I am the domain name reseller and small web hosting company.

There is problem in domain name renewal system of Manas. My lot of domains are deleted and customers are facing trouble. They only tell to raise the ticket, give false commitments that domain name renewal will be done, but hardly any response is there. We have recorded all their customer support calls, they dont have any authority and trained to listen the calls.

When asked to give details about the owner and responsible person, they will never give.

I want to go and visit this company s office in banglore and get the owner in hand.

Many sites have closed down.

Manashosting is a cheating company. I was been cheated for 5 months. now I m happy I m out of their services. now they r cheating with various names Manashosting, the technology leader and planet server. beware of this company. after the payment they never respond to you. they keep on calling for purchase. once purchased then they r least bothered to active the order.

Review of by Bhuvan for Sun Productivity Inc on 2014/09/24 at 06:13

On 19 Aug 14, I purchased a 5 yr hosting plan in response to a mail recd from Manashosting and made online payment of Rs 3370.80 from my company account Sun Productivity Inc. This offer had a 30 days full refund on dissatisfaction. I could not use the service and kept on requesting for help but they never came forward. In fact they do not have tele-help system. The available cellno / toll free does not come forward and disconnect. I have filed requests online and by mails also. On 12 Sep I gave 3 days time to the company till 15 Sep to rectify and help but the action taken is not satisfactory. On 15 Sep, I requested to cancel my order and requested for a full refund. Now they are not responding and online / mails they insist me to login. I want my full refund. Please Help

Thanks amp; regards

Worst hosting company EVER.
only fast service is the billing and sales team..
everything is slow and a bunch of cheaters.
billed me 90 pounds for having 1 image file not linked to the page and also having my own copyright audio file in the server. Hard to convince, bunch of cunts basically.
When i wanted to transfer my domain, they weren t helpful.
worst thing is that when you try to talk to them, the customer desk woman was an arrogant woman to whom I could only understand half of her english.

KEEP OFF THEM. they will RIP you off.

Worst ever hosting company. They are good till you buy products. After that they just hang up calls and no proper response for tickets. They dont give yo access and charge hidden cost and bill you. BEAWARE of this worst company.

Review of by chandra prabhat maurya on 2014/07/07 at 20:31

worst hosting company manashoting is cheating from the users

Visit- and also listen to the thousands of customer audio manashosting review about their support and services.

I began building a web site on Manashosting only 2 weeks ago. WordPress was new to me. I linked my gmail address to my domain s webmail for my Contact page responses; it worked for a few days, then wouldn t. I then spent too much time trying to troubleshoot.

I contacted Manas Hosting and got a very quick response to my email. I received suggestions from at least five people on the staff, each aware of my situation, and ready to offer help based on what I had just tried. This was probably the best part of the (satisfying) experience. Each employee was up to speed on my problem and responded promptly with a suggestion for my next step.

After about a day, I became excited, thinking I had solved the problem. At that moment, I immediately received an email, saying that a staff member had accessed my account, located the problem, and set the proper configuration!

I had signed up for two years at Manashosting, not sure of what support to expect from a shared server account. I have been very pleasantly surprised to this point. From what I have experienced so far, I would definitely recommend Manashosting to friends looking for a blogging site or small business site (like mine).

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