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Smtp hosting

Smtp hosting




Smtp hosting

Step 1

Create a new mailbox on your server

Smtp hosting

Step 2

Setup email forwarding

Smtp hosting

Step 3

Add a new monitor to your MXAlerts profile

Smtp hosting

Step 4

Now sit back and relax, we’ll take care of the rest

Smtp hosting

We have used MXAlerts since its beta days and have been able to provide our clients with added confidence over the operation of their email systems. When we tell them that we send 288 emails a day to test whether their email server is continuing to function, they are floored. It takes them a while to comprehend just what this means. We have found MXAlerts to be robust, easy to setup use, and reliable with very keen pricing.

Graham Reid / Chief Wat

Smtp hosting

I stumbled upon MXAlerts after a simple search engine query where I wanted a facility to be able to monitor my email server. Luckily, I found MXAlerts. Since emails are critical in every business this day and age, as members of the IT community, we need to guarantee mail delivery, especially in the case when we host our own mail servers. MXAlerts allows me to effectively “health check” my server in periodic intervals and ensure that it is always up and running. So thanks MXAlerts for providing this service! Thanks and keep up the good service!

Smtp hosting

MXAlerts has become an indispensable part of our monitoring systems for our customers. It is the backstop that catches any email issues that fall through the cracks of our standard MS Exchange monitoring. I sleep better knowing that MXAlerts is monitoring my clients mail flow.

Jason LaPorte / Director of IT

Power Consulting Group, Inc.

Smtp hosting

Offering professional mail services is still one of the most business critical aspects for hosting providers – even in 2013. With MXAlerts’s help are able to do so, while also reducing the risk of unhappy customers to a minimum.

Michel Käser / Owner Director

Rackster Internet Services

Smtp hosting

MXAlerts has given us the ability to flag if our external emails are down. Prior to this we it was only when we noticed an important email had not come through alarm bells would start ringing and panic would set in. I would say without a doubt that using MXAlerts has made our business more responsive to unexpected downtime.” Keep up the good work!

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