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A Cloud for Python

Custom the Scalers to fit your needs

Resource manager

Choose the following elements:

  1. Horizontal scalability
    Depending on the application load, Clever Cloud will adjust required Scalers quantity between minimum and maximum boundaries.
  2. Vertical scalability:
    • Optimize: Clever Cloud automatically choose regarding your needs which Scaler is required.
    • Otherwise, choose the size you prefer.

      Scalers size

      You can choose between different Scalers sizes.

      Optimize option will choose the best Scaler which fits your needs.

      Horizontal scalability

      When activated, you can choose between a minimum and a maximum of Scalers.

      This option allows you to be sure to manage high potential load on your application.

      Estimated costs

      Below costs are based on the minimum and the maximum price of the selected resources.

      These values are only given as an example.

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