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at your Fingertips

the small screen

HMI for

Web hosting pad


Web hosting pad

App Store – HMI Pad

Web hosting pad

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Create advanced, highly responsible Human Machine Interfaces right on your iPad screen with unprecedented ease of use and fun, and deploy securely to your customer s devices with a single tap.

Stunning HMI designs

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Connect on-screen objects of your choice or custom images with iPad sensors and Programable Logic Controllers through the amazingly powerful expressions engine.

Create stunning presentations of your PLC controller process as you never did before.

Use Switches, Buttons, Images, Text Fields, Knob Controls, Trends, Graphs, Gauges, Bar Indicators, Sensors, even Gesture Recognizers and much more.

This is the only HMI app to consider if you want to go mobile. A absolutely great app!

Smooth, simple, professional and insanely fast.When it comes to small scada implementation, Siemens and Co. could take a look here. Looking forward to the next version.

This is the native best HMI app for use with many brands PLC. Thanks for the app.

I never have seen something like this. Even in industrial environment this can be usefull for monotoring tools. Great work .

I found this app looking for something to build a prototype and am amazed at how easy it is to build useful applications and demonstrations. The support has been outstanding too.

Agile, fast, efficient. Simply brilliant, brings a plus to automation.

Great app for controlling a process from anywhere Very easy to set up and configure. Very easy to configure, with many examples making it easy to just copy and edit. Lots of tools for control to make pages interesting, highly functional and simple for an operator to understand without too much training. Great colour choices, logic expressions and graphics editor. The cloud hosting makes it so simple to make changes, then have a client download the new program. Excellent support from SweetWilliam. No question too trivial. Running this on both iPad and iPad mini talking to a ControlLogix processor in a regional location with great performance and surprisingly good network coverage.

As a designed beta tester I ve been testing successive beta versions of this app and what these guys did and how well the app works is just incredible. There s nothing even near on its field in the market. The way you create HMIs with it and the power of the system is just Awesome!

How It Works

  1. Drop Switches, Buttons, Images, Text Fields, Knob Controls, Trends, Gauges, Bar Indicators, even Gesture Recognizers and more into pages.
  2. Connect on-screen objects and iPad Sensors such as accelerometer, gravity, rotation, geo-position and more with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) variables using expressions.
  3. Upload your HMI projects to the cloud for temporary storage or pre-deployment.
  4. Deploy your projects to end users devices with a single tap on a button.

Web hosting pad

Web hosting pad

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