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uk hosting companies

VESK is now the fastest growing provider

of Hosted Virtual Desktops in the UK.

VESK enables you to access all your emails,

files and business applications anywhere in

the world using any device.

Uk hosting companies

Government assured

VESK are the only specialist hosted desktop

supplier quality tested and security assured by UK

Government to procure to the public sector.

Uk hosting companies


VESK is a secure cloud platform to host all of

your programs, documents and emails

accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Uk hosting companies

Uk hosting companies

How VESK Works

Uk hosting companies

Live Demo

Uk hosting companies

Talk to an expert

Uk hosting companies


Uk hosting companies

Public Sector

What is a Virtual Desktop?

First of all you need to understand the meaning of a Virtual Desktop. The best way to understand is to define VESK which is a hosted desktop in UK. Why a server you may ask when you already have a laptop or a personal computer? Well, gradually companies are being more aware about sensitive distributions of data. That’s why special software is being used to limit data leak from any department of any company. So what happens of you need to work from home or if you are on a business trip or even need to work temporarily in another office? How will you get access to your desktop? That’s where hosted desktops in UK come into use since this system allow the user to get access to their desktop going as far as working with software licensed for your company. Hosted desktops break the limit to you being able to work only in an office. All this is done while all the data are being safe held on a remote server.

What advantages does Virtual Desktop bring?

Virtual desktops have enabled businesses to raise their flexibility level while reaching out on a broader scale. If you convert to virtual desktops, you will be able to access instantly and securely to your desktop any time of the day and most importantly anywhere with just an internet connection. Just imagine being in a business meeting or at a client’s and needing that one file which is on your desktop at work. That’s where Virtual Desktops brings down this restraint by giving you full access to your desktop on whichever outlet you may have with you for example a smart phone, a laptop, an iPhone, an iPad, an android device, or any PC available there. Security is the keyword for virtual desktops which also comes with guaranteed disaster recovery, antivirus, anti spam and also offsite backup. With this system you can easily merge IT and Server costs. Another important advantage of having virtual desktops is the ability to share larger files between your employees not only throughout your office on site but also in different locations.

Why VESK is your perfect choice for Virtual Desktop Services

It goes without saying that the most important thing any user would want when using our services is security with fast turnaround time. VESK is one of the best Cloud hosting providers which mean that we provide managed cloud services. Your data is safe while being easily available. On top of our technical support and software integration services, what sets us apart is our 24/7 availability, our free of charge updates and being 100% carbon neutral. With our cloud computing technology which is constantly upgraded we pride ourselves to be one of the best cloud computing providers.

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